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The Combative Corner is a website that was started in April of 2010 and has quickly grown due to its amazing contributors, interviews and our monthly “Roundtable Discussions.”  The CC is the place on the web where you can go to get a fresh, unique perspective… where you can get quality advise from six, dedicated martial art professionals.  The site was created by yours truly (Michael Joyce, Chen Taijiquan/Fencing) and is includes Sensei Robert Lara (Aikido – Four Winds; Kansas), Sensei Brandon Vaughn (Karate – KI; North Carolina), Instructor Johnny Kuo (I-Liq Chuan; Pennsyvania), Sifu Freddie Lee (Kungfu; Chicago); and T.J. Kennedy (Hybrid Self Defense System; Ontario).

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A Gift That Should Be Considered

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Happy Holidays Everyone! Just wanted to post that we’re having our “Holiday Special” from now till January 1st, 2011.  These self-defense keychains have sold like hotcakes and rightly so!… This shark-inspired keychain could, one day, save your life!  Normally, this wonderful tool is $12,… but for a limited time only, they are $9.99 each.  Get a pack of 5 for only $40… that’s only $8 a piece!

Download the FREE manual – Here

Disclaimer– The Isurus™ Self-Defense Keychains are to be used for self-defense only.

FINAL NOTE: Please purchase no later than Dec. 20th, 2010 in order to receive the product by Christmas (if in the U.S.).  Secondly, if ordering the Holiday Special 5-pack, specify within the PayPal invoice (comment section) how many keychains of what color you want.  Those who do not specify will receive all black.   The Isurus™ Keychains come in black and hot pink.

For questions you may contact: Isurus_Keychain@hotmail.com

KeyChains : Self-Protection “In-Hand”

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http://www.chencenterstore.com – Modeled after the Mako Shark, the Isurus is not only a handsome keychain, but a practical and highly effective self-defense tool. For the price that many people pay for lunch, you can own your very own Isurus. Made of premium lightweight aluminum, the Isurus is easily concealable, lightweight, and virtually indestructible.

Make sure you download the FREE Isurus User Manual at http://www.ChenCenterStore.Com

Full, Complete (Advanced) Isurus Manual will be available in paperback or digital download no later than December 2010. Stay tuned!

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Mocksville Self-Defense Workshop

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The ability to defend oneself from violence is an all-to-important skill-set, that unfortunately, gets overlooked when building life skills.  The act of taking a self-defense class not only aids in your ability to protect yourself, but fuels an deep inner confidence and understanding of your own personal power that goes far beyond the classroom.

Join self-protection specialist, Coach Michael Joyce, author of The Golden Thread: The Essential Principles of Self-Defense, for a 4-week workshop at the Brock Gym brought to you by the Mocksville/Davie Recreation Department.  Price is $50 per person.

Register by contacting Coach Joyce at 336-337-0348 or by

RSVP on our Facebook Event Page:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=144983875536310&ref=mf

Contact Coach Joyce at Michael@ChenCenter.Com if you have any questions.

Finding Your Purpose

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I was listening to a podcast by one of my favorite people, Mr. Geoff Thompson.  For those that don’t know who he is, he’s one of the foremost authorities on personal protection.  He’s a martial artist, author and he delivers free podcasts (you can find and subscribe to them on iTunes) every so often.

I have met plenty of young adults and above – that feel stuck… they aren’t quite sure what to do with their lives… what direction to go in, et cetera.  I’ve pondered long and hard on this myself in the past, and I was very lucky to have found my life’s passion(s) early on.  However, for most, it may not come right away, but there is method that can work for you… and having been inspired by this podcast, I want very much to outline some of these key points:  GEOFF THOMPSON SAYS…

When people are not sure what they want to do… it is because their purpose is just a few layers deep… normally, right below their depression. And they are feeding their depressions with addictions.

  • Get rid of ADDICTIONS (i.e.  people pleasing, self-pity, denial, shame, drink)
  • Get your body IN SHAPE (strengthen your body)
  • Read positive material and educate yourself on a daily basis (i.e. books, audio, films, conversations, etc).
  • Find an outlet for negativity and an inlet for positivity
  • Be Patient

When you’re patient, and you continuously improve your infrastructure, and give your ALL on a daily basis, your purpose will come to fruition.  But this will not happen when you continue to be a slave to your addictions, if you focus on negativity, and neglect your body.  Start with step #1…  make a list of both physical AND emotional addictions.  Slowly etch out the “New You” as you simultaneously train your body & mind.  Be receptive and direct your intention and time (whatever time you can spare) on yourself.  Be KIND to yourself.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.


What I Like About Tai Ji Quan

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Master Chungliang Al Huang, is one of my favorite people on Earth.  For years I taught martial arts as a system… and it was only until I was able to relax inside my own body did my form “make shape.”  Taiji isn’t about this [boxing]… it’s about that part of you that lets go and brings a smile to your face.  How did that happen? Was it your body? It was a feeling! A taiji feeling.  Summer is a great time for everyone to take to the outdoors and absorb the abundance of qi.  I hope you guys will take my advice.  Please watch this video (if only to smile)!  Many blessings my friends and students.  Coach…. out!

Highlights of a Young Dragon

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This past week marks the first anniversary of two tragic events; one, the slaying of UNC-Chapel Hill student Eve Carson and two, the murder of 18-year old Auburn student, Lauren Burk.  I didn’t know these girls personally, but as someone whose passion is in teaching individuals about personal safety and defense, the impact lit a fire in me that has not yet be squelched.  My book was already in its conception, but it wasn’t until March of 2008 that I felt compelled, and in some way, obligated, to write this concise, and easily-readable book of 118 pages. Violence is wild, and in some ways, it can’t be stopped.  It endures…. but as I’ve said in my book, “so does love.”  Sometimes love alone cannot stop the violence, whereas with love & compassion, awareness, knowledge, courage, and solidarity… we carve ourselves a much larger chance.  To the families of these two beautiful girls, our thoughts go with you.


THE GOLDEN THREAD is the first book, of taijiquan and self defense coach Michael Joyce.  Praised by many of the great martial artists in the field today, it serves as concise and scientifically-sound volume in the quest for understanding personal self protection.  The book is available online only and can be purchased at the following link: THE GOLDEN THREAD: ESSENTIAL PRINCIPLES.  Proceeds for this, and all the various products located in my online store go towards educational aids for my wushu and self defense courses.  Thank you very much.





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tn-shirtnewlogoccGreetings My ChenCenter Readers,…

Students, Friends and Family.  Since the beginning of the New Year, the idea of a new class t-shirt had been tugging away at my brain.  The perfectionist that I am, I was still wishy-washy about my previous taiji figured drawing and felt that what we need was a “lettered image” that was stylized and represented the nature of what we do.  The design that I came up with is simply 3 C’s, with 2 looped together to represent a “brush-stroke” appearance.  Symbolically the “3 tails” represent the three treasures; Jing (essence), Qi (energy), and Shen (spirit).  This can also be used to represent the taoist notion of Heaven, Earth and Beings; Sun, Moon, and Stars; and Water, Earth & Fire. 

     The calligraphy behind the image is “wu-shu”, which is the correct pronunciation of “martial arts.”  Wushu incorporates both the internal and external forms/styles even though it is most commonly attributed to the acrobatic forms as seen in kung fu action movies.  

For my students, I would love for you to own one of these t-shirts yourself!  For those that like the design and would rather promote the 3 treasures as in the logo, I have a variation in which “ChenCenter” is not written below it.  

Available in Men and Women’s Styles.  SMALL-XXXL.  Several colors to choose from too!


P.S.  Proceeds from the sells of all t-shirts go towards educational and training equipment for my wushu and self defense classes and workshops.  Your patronage is greatly appreciated.

Ari Bolden from Submissions 101 : A Testimonial

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Hello Everyone,

I apologize for not blogging as often as we’d all like, but you will be pleased to know that I am currently engaged in several projects.  I am simultaneously working on 3 different dvds: the (revised & upgraded) Hunyuan Taijiquan 24-form, The Golden Thread: The Essential DVD, and The Taoist Method: Movement Therapies for Common Problems.  I am also working on two audio cds that will be a wonderful education aid for those wanting to learn more about Fear… of escaping Fear… and of learning the tools needed to protect yourself at ANY moment.  


THE GOLDEN THREAD has been a very welcomed success for me and for reaching those people who (perhaps) are unable to make it to my workshops and classes.  I have had some amazing testimonials written by experts in the field of martial arts, personal self protection, as well as several people whom have authored books themselves.  The latest testimonial was sent in by Mr. Ari Bolden, a jiu-jitsu teacher from Victoria, B.C., but most noted for his overwhelmingly successful YouTube channel, Submissions 101 (with nearly 21,000 subscribers to date).  Ari knows what it takes to be successful in a real-to-life violent situation from the side of the martial arts… and from being a doorman (“bouncer”) for some of this city’s largest club for the past 13 years.  Ari had this to say about The Golden Thread:

I just finished reading Michael’s book and I must say I was pleasantly surprised on the information he provided within its pages.  There are so many self defense books on the market, especially from traditional martial artists, that miss the point on self protection strategies.  They seem to fall into their old and untested ways and give advice based on theory not practice.  Not so with Michael’s book, The Golden Thread.  He hits the nail on the head when it comes to REAL WORLD violence.  He cuts to the chase and offers advice that is sound and logical.  I had to keep reminding myself that this guy was a taijiquan teacher and not a Reality-based-Self-Defense one.  Apparently, he is both!  A simple yet interesting read behind self protection strategies for a troubled world.  Thumbs up from me!

        Ari Bolden. President of Submissions 101. Victoria, B.C., Canada.


Thank you Ari!  

And for all you guys that haven’t picked up the book yet…

You can find it by clicking the link —->  HERE.

Adios.  Till Next Time!     

                 Coach Michael Joyce