Welcome To My World…

welcome imageTo my Friends, Students and fellow Martial Artists..

I had to get rid of my initial blog because the esthetics were not as I would have liked them to be.  Also, and I’m sure if it was something that I had done (but just didn’t know how to correct it) but let’s just say…if I went to my Blog and tried to comment, the info and the menu would be in Polish.  Now, it just so happens that I read Polish (but that’s beside the point).  Many of you guys out there didn’t grow up with a best friend who’s Polish and hence, wouldn’t know how to comment or subscribe to the site. 

    So,.. now, after a little investigating and some site decorations…I give you the new ChenCenter Blog.  Hopefully it will be “like a finger pointing its way to the moon…”  Okay…you all know the rest of that one!

 Now, I invite you to

feast your eyes about…read, and please please please comment, and subscribe!

The only unfortunate thing is that some of you have already offered such wonderful comments on the first 5 blogs that I started and there is easy way of substituting them.  But fortunately…this site is better.  And it’s even better having such wonderful friends and brothers and sisters of the martial arts contribute.

Peace and Love.  



~ by chencenter on January 12, 2008.

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