Special Announcement Jan.2008

New InstructorsCHENCENTER.COM’s proud to announce that two students of Coach Michael Joyce has agreed to dedicated themselves to completing and achieving the rank of Level 1 instructor in the Chen Style Practical Method by the Summer of this year!

A.J.  Covell, from Lexington,NC has a background in Brazilian Jujitsu and Muay Thai kickboxing.

Christopher Gillette, a resident from High Point, NC also has a background in Jujitsu and has been studying Chen Style Taijiquan off-and-on since January 2005. 

This “instructorship” is a new, limited priviledge offered only to two dedicated students per semester.  On the completion of their form training, these students will be certified to teach the Chen Style Practical Method of the late Grandmaster Hong Junsheng.  Hong Junsheng was the most senior disciple of the legendary Taijiquan master Chen Fake (see blog below) and was known by his Japanese students as “The man with the magic hand.”

In addition, student Miss Ortiz is training to become a certified assistant instructor in the Golden String ™ Self Defense system of Coach Joyce. 

It is with great hope that they help continue to spread the art of Taijiquan and remain students of the arts.  “Learning will never end.  Art has no limit.”  ~Master Chen Fake


~ by chencenter on January 23, 2008.

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