Mayweather vs. Hatton

 This article is a reposting from my past blog (the one I had to do away with). 

Boxing. Hands down, the most excited I’ll ever get when watching tv (especially when there are ‘big names’ on the bill). Last Saturday night (12/8/07), Floyd Mayweather Jr and Ricky Hatton (both undefeated fighters) squared off for a historic showdown on HBO Pay-Per-View. And since it was PPV…like most people who don’t want to shell out $40 for a fight that may or may not be an hours-worth of entertainment… I’ve opted to see the rerun on regular HBO this Saturday (at 10:15pm).

For those who have already seen the fight and want to comment on it, please go ahead. I plan on reading the comments to this blog AFTER I see the fight. (I’ve shielded myself to the outcome)

MY PREDICTIONS: Mayweather, with his cockiness and brass has proven (to me) to be an unbeatable oppenent. He’s got unbelievable talent and speed. He can see absolutely everything that is coming his way. Whatever punches his opponent manages to get in are often deflected, muffled, or glancing. He is, in my opinion, the best boxer pound-for-pound ever! Yes, even Sugar Ray Robinson. The only flaw is his character. The fighter I love to pull for is always the humble sportsman… which Floyd can be, but doesn’t show enough.

Ricky Hatton (the undefeated Brit), is the humble ‘Rocky Balboa-type’ that wins the heart of every boxing fan. He’s a hard-hitting, inside fighter with the heart of a true champion. Most Americans (like myself) see him as an underdog. And if Mayweather were a bit more flat-footed, I would say that Hatton would have a good chance of winning. BUT no, he’s like a bullet. However, I believe that the Mayweather will keep his distance, play off the jab and slowly wear Hatton down in the end. I think Hatton’s jaw and ability to take a punch will keep him on his feet… however my gut says that Mayweather’s speed and counter-punching skill will surely keep him on top of the scorecards.



~ by chencenter on January 24, 2008.

One Response to “Mayweather vs. Hatton”

  1. Best fight of 2007? Perhaps. Saw the fight tonight and it went as I had imagined it with Hatton trying to battle inside. Mayweather, it seemed, had never confronted an oppenent of such aggresiveness. Mayweather bated Hatton did his best to annoy Hatton in the clinch (i.e. by lowering his head or turning his back). But the shear speed of Mayweather’s right cross was more than enough to relay to the viewers the result that was to come. Hatton KO’d in 10th. Mayweather vs. Hatton II will be even more interesting I think. Can’t wait for that to come about.

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