2008 Elections: Who Are You Voting For?

Wait.  Don’t tell me just yet.  Wow!… and this blog used to be dedicated to martial arts.  Sigh, well… sometimes topics just come up (like now) that need to be addressed. 

Short And Uninteresting Story (but I bet you’re gonna read it anyway):  During the Keary/Bush election, I stumbled on a website that had a survey on various issues (i.e. healthcare, gay marriage, etc) and by casting an answer for each topic… it gave you a result of the “political candidate whose ideas are closest to yours.”  Is it true that there is a website out there that can truly help us make this important, (yet for many, “boring”) decision for us?  🙂

Politics can be a touchy subject.  That is why I don’t jump into one at the dinner table (or when I’m conducting business).  It’s just a wise plan.  But that aside… many of us refrain from saying who we are voting for fear that we may influence another’s decision.  I’m somewhat in that boat.  People should make their own, purely individual choice.  And for those that find politics boring… feel that they don’t know enough about it to make an informed decision… or worse, that they feel their choice doesn’t matter….  here’s a website that will break it down for you.


If this link doesn’t work for you… go to http://www.vajoe.com (and click “candidate calculator” on the left)

MY ONLY PLEA: PLEASE read about the various bills that you don’t understand.  I, myself, had to read through about eight or so.  For example, Universal Health Care… Higher minimum wage… and FairTax all sound great… but are they really?  Click on the bill and a new window will pop up and will explain what it means (or what it could mean) if you said Yes or No.

If you want to share your results here… be my guest.  I’m sure we’d all love to hear it.  But as Blogmaster, I’m going to remain neutral. 


~ by chencenter on March 7, 2008.

15 Responses to “2008 Elections: Who Are You Voting For?”

  1. I took that candidate calculator test long ago. I voted Kucinich in the primary. I don’t see a tremendous difference between Clinton and Obama. Both are very much business as usual candidates. Certainly either will do far better than the extreme right wing McCain.

    McCain has chosen to literally ignore the environment, being absent for every single vote on any environmental issue, earning him a score of absolute zero from the League of Conservation Voters. He has also earned a zero from NARAL for his strong anti-choice stance. And, his health care plan is to continue to leave people free to stand outside of hospitals if they cannot afford the entrance fee.

    He’s a radical neocon right wing nut somehow being portrayed by the media, incorrectly, as a moderate. He’s not moderate by any stretch of the imagination.

    So, when it comes to the general election, I will vote for either Obama or Clinton, depending on who the super delegates decide is the right candidate for the nation, with or without our input.

  2. I took that quiz and was surprised by my answer, and it helped me clarify where I stood in unanticipated ways. Also helped me trim away the emotional sway that one candidate in particular has on me these days. Discovered I’m a left of center democrat on domestic issues and a right of center republican on foreign affairs. Hmmm.
    Did you see this one by David on SpongeFish about how to predict the winner of elections based on an analysis of speech patterns going back to FDR?


  3. When UK elections come round I always pay attention to the various manifestos of the parties and consider my vote accordingly…

    but do you ever feel when a new government comes in that it’s a case of: ‘same shit, different smell’?

    I know I do.

  4. Richard Richard… um. yeah. But to be honest…with the whole “balance of power” and with the obvious and multiple failures of G.W.Bush… it makes me think of the president as merely being a “Figurehead… with the ability to sign documents.” I know there is much more to it… but if a poor example, poor diplomat, poor speaker (among others) can not only stay in office, but reach a second term… I become very disenchanted with the whole process. As far as the candidates in this round (Democrats at least) I feel that they are as more respectful and genuine than others in the past. yeah…they pander to their groups and do their best to create a “media buzz”…but if you want to win, you have to do what it takes. So, to answer your question… in the past… I definately smelt it… today, not so much. Cheers by friend.

  5. Hey Michael –

    Well…I did come take a peek! “:_) You’re site looks great!

    So…why is it in THIS election cycle, we are entering the political foray when we never did before? Hmmm…

    I know for me as an independent I wanted someone who was more down the middle of the road than on the extreme right or left. So tired of that.

    In addition, I have been researching the NAU (North American Union) for the past three years (to present) and the results I have discovered thus far led me to really take a second, and a third look at all the candidates.

    Remaining Steadfast,

  6. BTW – I have add your blog to my “blogger’s corner.”

    Feel free to add mine here if you choose to do so.

  7. Interesting test. I’m not impressed with any current candidate this year. Republicans and independents ignored the best candidate on the market. Ron Paul is the only candidate faithful to the original vision and experiment. I have difficulty is seeing the Dems as honest or good for America maybe because I’m not a global socialist or a zealot of secular fundamentalism. Obama or Clinton are not what the campaign hype makes them seem any more so than Bill was guilty of inhaling marijuana. His drug of choice other than power and sex was cocaine. I’m not convinced about McCain either. In my opinion, the individual candidate does not matter that much anyway. Winners always perpetuate party polity, which means people actually vote for party ideology in the end personality and marketing hype aside.

  8. PS: Like your blog. I took the kung fu version of martial arts at a Christian college.

    My studies have led to believe God has visited many peoples including the Buddha. The moral reform proved good for him and his culture. Because America’s constituted freedom necessitates development of physical, mental, and moral virtues of every citizens, martial art is a way towards achieving it.

  9. I am very impressed by Obama and have never seen a politician like him. I voted for him in our primary and hope to vote for him again in November. I’ll vote for the over-all most positive, inspirational, hopeful candidate every time. I am tired of cynicism from politicians.

  10. Of course the calculator uses only yes/no answers on complex issues and it uses the creator’s opinions of where the candidates stand on the issues. That said, the computer showed me as an 83% match for Huckabee and %79 for Paul. I used to laugh at people who said the news media had too much power, but after this election I realize that they can just lie to the people and most folks will swallow it.

    Huckabee was portrayed as a foolish religious zealot and Paul was written off as a loony; however, on the few occasions that I actually saw footage of them talking, they seemed the most intellectual. They actually discussed issues, rather than the Hillary/Obama sloganism. I know that Obama states “A Change We Can Stand For”, but I’m not quite clear on what changes he hopes to make. Unfortunately, most of the footage MSM showed of Paul and Huckabee was after they were out of the running.

    I was really shocked during the Washington primaries when talking heads would make statements completely without regard for the numbers coming in. We are entering a brave new world.

    My true dream was that Powell would run (there’s still time). He faced difficult situations with Russia, Syria, Iran, and North Korea with strength, yet tact, and was making progress. His replacement is a brilliant woman, but makes some tactless comments that inflame these situations. As a proper general, he understands the cost of war and what are inappropriate uses of military. He is the kind of leader who would avoid military foibles like we’ve seen for 15 years. I would also expect him to take a no-nonsense stance on fiscal conservatism. The current trend in Republican finances is embarrassing.

    Anyhow, as you can see, I’m not shy about sharing a few impressions. I like to get people pondering issues, but as you say, everyone needs to make up their own mind.

  11. wonderful comments all around folks. i’ve really enjoyed reading them. As far as I know now… there isn’t a candidate running that is worse than ol’ George. So on a light note…it should all get better from here on out. And if we can finally get someone in office that will boldly make a reduction in Iraqi involvement…and begin to rebuild our diplomatic ties… and at the same time, speak the truth to the American people… I’ll be happy. Maybe just the first two (at least). I mean, what government speaks the truth anymore?

  12. sorry :)… I can be a serial cynic at times.

    Is there a feeling in the US that the winner of the Democrat race is likely to be the next President? Or is it set up to be a close run thing?

    Do you think that the Democrats will be disadvantaged in the elections because they will have either a female or a black candidate. Or do you think the western world has matured enough to see past such things?

  13. no. we may never be mature enough to see past that completely. But yes… that is the feeling that I get (that the Democrat that wins will win the entire thing). Hillary, I believe, might be on a downhill slide now… which just paves the way for President Obama.

  14. I got the impression that both Obama and Clinton were getting extra attention because of their “minority” status. Without that, they don’t have much going for them. One promotes sloganism and the other makes promises which she couldn’t fulfill 15 years ago. McCain on the other hand, expressed racist venom towards Asians eight years ago, and a little towards Latinos this time around. I would rather not have a racist in the White House. There were better candidates in both parties, but the media quashed them early.

    I guess that a Clinton nomination will push McCain into the White House, and an Obama nomination will guarantee a Democratic win. I am hoping for something better in 2012. I think I beat out Mr. Cutts for the ‘cynic’ status. 🙂

  15. I am all about Ron Paul!!

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