Quoteth My Girlfriend, “Why don’t you marry Him?”

Jason CastroFor all of my life I have found my music elsewhere… by word of mouth.. myspace… iTunes… But I’ve never purchased a single album from a contestant of American Idol.  In this season, however, I have two people that I would instantly… without a second thought, purchase a cd from and that is: Syesha Mercado and Jason Castro.  Syesha has the edge over everyone as far as vocal talent (my favorite of hers is “Me and Mr. Jones“), but Jason is the one that I can’t stop talking about.  I was at my friend Chad’s house when Jason sang “I Fell” and Chad’s wife was like, “You should see you guys’ face.”  When I tried to show my girlfriend Jenny Jason’s performance the other night I immediately stopped my ‘idolization’ when she said, “jeez, why don’t you just marry him.”  (evidently I had mention his stellar-ness a couple times before).  I mean… gee-whiz… I forgot!

I know some my think me a powder-puff for watching.  But for all those fans, and brave guys that will admit that they dig the show…. what are some of you guys’ predictions…  and/or whom do you like?


~ by chencenter on March 18, 2008.

9 Responses to “Quoteth My Girlfriend, “Why don’t you marry Him?””

  1. I actually have not gotten much of a chance to watch American Idol lately, but for the breif time I got to watch it, I agree! I really liked Jason Castro.

    Hahaha, that is pretty funny though what Jenny said:)

  2. I have, for reasons not completely known, much less understood by me, never ever even watched American Idol. Astonishing, isn’t it??!

  3. Caitlin- 😛 she can be quite funny. she needs to embrace the love that Jason shines like a beacon in the night though. (sometimes i just go too far)

    Daisy- (he shakes his head) this, i completely don’t understand. I don’t know your tastes… but you strike me as a fan of David. He’s a 17 year old with some great pipes. Check it out on youtube sometime.

  4. haha I love the title! I do agree that Jason has talent but I’m a huge fan of Syesha. I love how she can make even a jazz song her song. While I do not share the same exuberance as you do about Jason, I do think he can sing…He is just not my all time favorite. 🙂 love you!

  5. I too have a strange mancrush on Jason Castro. He’s got a very unique way of translating songs to his laid-back and approachable style. I diggum!

    Syesha though? Nope. She’s had a few good ones [early] but since hasn’t shown much to me other than that she’s probably a good actor, more so than singer.

    Brooke White on the other hand, is pretty darn amazing and supremely talented.

    Castro probably won’t win it, but I’d get his album if/win it comes out more so than any of the others.

  6. I actually do not watch American Idol (AI).

    But my wife and son do.

    If I bought an AI CD, it would be Carrie Underwood.


  7. My wife told me to marry Michael Johns. Liked him in Bohemian Rhapsody but David Cook blew me away with his version of Billie Jean! I have to say, it’s quite weird admitting to mancrush… 😉

  8. eww to the mancrushes:) haha just kiddinggg

  9. Shang- that is soo funny! Yeah, I agree… he had an awesome audition using We Are the Champions. He’s great on the ballads. David Cook is a superstar. Still pulling for my laid-back, dreadhead though [Jason].

    Caitlin- [sigh] sorry for the gross out. 😛 Didn’t know so many guys would admit to it… hehe.

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