Jambo everyone, I’m back from vacation

     Have you ever had a vacation that completely “recharges the battery… reboots the o’ computer?”  Well, the vacation I took over Easter weekend was just that!  You almost (it seems to me) have to (or should) take a vacation every once-in-awhile for that very purpose.  There’s a great Arthurian quote that goes like this:

I knew not how empty was my soul until it was filled.   (after sipping the Grail)

     Before leaving early Friday morning, I had a lot on my mind.  Having met with my tax accountant the day before and realizing just how painful reality can be sometimes… I took the “road less traveled” and “it has made all the difference.”  Jenny was there for me to rub my shoulders, encircle my temples and we were off to better times.  This trip was actually our first “getaway” (at least for any significant time).  We did just about everything there is to do in North Myrtle Beach (with the exception of swimming): Putt-Putt, strollin’ on the beach, shopping at Barefoots Landing, saw the Dinosaur showing at the I-Max, played Monopoly (we’re 1-for-1, thank you white tigerBoardwalk), riding around the neighborhood on the golf cart, and ending our trip by dining at Medieval Times…  “a feast and tournament of sport the likes of which you will never forget!” (said, of course in an ecstatic and overdone English accent.  Jenny’s expectations were surpassed when we got to hold a baby tiger and a 2-year old, white-headed gibbon.  Go to my Flickr page to see the more “artistic” of our beach pictures (and many other non-beach pictures). 

     We also got a very interesting caricature done of us while walking at Barefoot’s Landing.  Neither one of us had had a caricature done… and it turned out quite well.  Hmmm… what else…. what else?  Health aside… we had to “throw caution to the wind” as they say.  We had yummy pizza at King’s, yummy burgers at Joe’s Crabshack and amazing Buffalo wraps at Dick’s.   (but I managed to keep my Mt. Dew consumption down to 1 a day during it all.  [read more about my struggles here] ).   I’m glad to be home though.  There’s always something great with “the return”… maybe it’s just that Taoist, cyclical thing…. that “returning to the source”… that leaves me with a lightness and a feeling of accomplishment.  Needless to say though… when the weather gets warmer, I’ll be ready for yet another relaxing getaway. 

P.S.  Jenny photoshopped the above tiger picture (that I photographed [brushing my shoulder]).  Feel free to save a larger image from Flickr and use it for anything you like.  Would make for a good website graphic or wallpaper.  (if you want the original, just email me for it).  Cheers!


~ by chencenter on March 26, 2008.

6 Responses to “Jambo everyone, I’m back from vacation”

  1. Michael – you two look like you have been together for years. I think you make a great looking couple – and I am SO very envious of your vacation… I haven’t had one of those in – well – maybe ever?! I will check out your pictures and enjoy your vacation vicariously.


  2. awww! thanks mrs. daisybug… i can always trust to get a lovely comment from you. i love it! Don’t you ever go to “the Jersey shore”? hmmm… looks like a fun little strip of beach in those dream snippets of the Sopranos. 😛

  3. I LOVE U

    Our vacation was off the hook!(gangster fingers!) lol I loved every sec of it and you know what? Imma blog our adventure of this past weekend soon! Ive never had thatmuch fun at myrtle! We did a ridicoulous amount of things! Love it x10000000000000!

    haha love you…shit i say that too much! 😉

  4. I am so glad you, 1. had a vacation, and 2, enjoyed your vacation! Welcome back. I love the pic of the tiger! Amazing!

    Remaining Steadfast,

  5. That is one big cat!

    Sounds like a great time was had by all.
    …I think I need a holiday to recover from my holiday.

  6. Glad you got away and had a chance to just totally relax. We try to go on a mini-vacation every year on our anniversary. But yeah coming home is nice too. 🙂

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