Katiee Blink… An Update.

8-9weeks oldKatiee Blink is healthy & happy.  She’s at 8 or 9 weeks right now & completely adjusted to her 6 foot, custom-built enclosure.  Today I fed her a total of 6 small-to-medium-sized crickets, a few blades or garlic grass & a quarter-sized spread of diced kale.  She ate all of it, the littl’ fatty!  She just bedded herself down in her cozy corner of her tank 20 min ago.  She can sense when it’s bedtime now! That’s my girl!

New Addition (4/01/2008): Her first BIG shedding happened today. Good sign of the growth spirt to come.


~ by chencenter on March 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Katiee Blink… An Update.”

  1. is that a picture of her? Thats an awsome pic, my oh my she has grown! I love you though!

  2. yes ma’m. I took it of her right before I posted this the other day. She is definately growing… but the picture makes her look bigger due to fact that there isn’t any referance points… or anything in the background that can help you measure size. Off to PetsMart to get her some lunch (maybe i’ll pick up something too)

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