A New Music Obsession = Ray LaMontagne

Ray LaMontagne

ok. not an obsession really… but I can’t stop listening to this guy.

[…and I promise, more taiji writings from now on.  🙂 ] 

My sister Laura downloaded his song “Trouble” from iTunes sometime last year, and I didn’t actively search out and see if he had any other great songs until last week.  If you don’t know yet… I stay “behind-the-times” when it comes to music.  Usually I’m quite content to jam out to the same music I’ve listened to for ages… however, just recently I was struck by the magic voice that is Ray LaMontagne. 

I think it was this picture, too, that struck me.  Doesn’t he look like Percival [the knight that found the Holy Grail for King Arthur in the Movie, Excalibur]?  anyways (I know that was random)… but I’ve gone on the “download rampage” lately.  I now have his songs: How Come, Forever My Friend and Hold You In My Arms (all from the Trouble album) and Three More Days (from the Till the Sun Turns Black Album).  I told myself that I was on a budget.  Oh well… best $4 I’ve ever spent.  Am I crazy or is this guy just sensational?  and he does look like Percival (which happens to my favorite of the Arthurian knights).  Okay… Ray LaMontagne is my musical recommendation! 

What’s your recommendation for me?   Lemme hear from you… and if you would be SO kind as to send me a link… that would be rad.    Peace and Love- Michael


~ by chencenter on April 2, 2008.

4 Responses to “A New Music Obsession = Ray LaMontagne”

  1. Being the HUGE Rescue Me fan that I am (Fox series that runs in the summer and features Denis Leary – about NYC firefighters) I am familiar with Ray LaMontagne, specifically the track “Burn” from Trouble…

  2. just downloaded it..thanks! ok. It’s now the best $5 I’ve ever spent. Is the whole Trouble album just “pure gold” ? methinks so.

  3. I’m not afraid to admit I’m obsessed with Ray. He’s great.
    Check out “Burn”, “Shelter”, “Jolene” and “Empty”, they’re my favorites.

  4. He is awesome. Listen to his song “hannah” i really like that one. No prizes for guessing how i discovered it . . .

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