Gatekeeper Le Refuses Self-Proclaimed King Shamrock

Cung Le, the masterful kickboxer and sanda (free-form fighting) champion squared off to meet mixed martial art veteran Frank Shamrock on March 29th at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California.

WATCH IT… HERE [they might be taking it down, so watch while you can]

My predictions for this fight went like this:

Cung Le would be methodical and meticulous, peppering Shamrock with jabs and kicks.  Frank would be active at the onset in order to throw Cung off his rhythm and try to bring Cung to the ground.  They both would get their fair share of punches in but Cung Le would get the better of Frank in the later rounds [as the continuous kick/punch combos begin to take their toll].

The big surprise of the fight was that there was no “ground-game.” Frank actually made no real attempt to get the fight to the ground… which might be a result of his high-ego and wanting to show the fans that his “stand-up” was to par with Cung’s.  The highlight (at least for me), was when Cung Le caught Frank’s weak attempt at a straight kick, swept Frank’s base-leg (with his patented leg-sweep) and left him belly-up on the mat.  Cung Le’s went out the victor [in Round 3] as he brought a left roundhouse kick to the side of Frank’s head.  Frank blocked it along the wrist/forearm… stumbled back and winced in pain as it had been broken. 

A bit of humor arose when one of the commentators (Goldberg it sounded like) said,

Both men altitude training. One at 14,000 feet.. the other at 21,000 feet.  Let’s see if it pays off.

Impressive…. very impressive.  Are we to believe that one person was in the Rocky Mountains and the other went to the Himalayan Mountains (where the air is so thin that you wouldn’t last 6 minutes walking, let alone “training”).  Good one Bill… you almost got us!

What had surprised me was the amount of people that thought this fight was rigged (aka. “fixed”).  If you think it was rigged… I ask you to explain your opinion in a comment.  Because in watching this fight… I didn’t see any “let-up” from either fighter. 

So,… did this fight live up to the hype?  Do you think things will go differently in a Le vs. Shamrock II?  The CCB (ChenCenter Blog) wants to hear your side!

Peace and Love- Coach Michael Joyce


~ by chencenter on April 2, 2008.

5 Responses to “Gatekeeper Le Refuses Self-Proclaimed King Shamrock”

  1. Shamrock stated he was going to stand and trade with Le and thats exactly what he did. He didn’t do a bad job either, the fight was exciting because both of the fighters made it that way. There’s no saying what would happen in a rematch because Shamrocks game plan had such an effect on this outcome, he stood and traded and was injured blocking a kick instead of going for a takedown. Le has yet to face a grappler of Shamrocks quality and I honestly believe that it could easily go his way in a rematch. Le is actually one of my favorite fighters and Shamrock is one of my least favorite but I still give Shamrock the benefit if the doubt because of what he has proven in the past he can do.

    The Pageboy

  2. Looks like Shamrock backed off a couple of opportunities to grapple, guess he did want to stand up and slug it out. Funny how two minutes into the fight one of the announcers mentioned that he could could potentially get his arm broken by Le’s kicks.

  3. We’re on the same page, Pageboy! Cung Le was who I was pulling for eventhough I’ve met and trained with Frank before (He’s a great teacher[moreso than a fighter even!]). Frank did a good job, but play to win, is what I say.

    Marty- yeah, it was interesting… and seriously, I think that’s some of the numb-skulls get the “rigging” idea from. They took x-rays of Frank’s arm after the fight and it was clearly broken across both the radius & ulna. ouch!

  4. […] the surg3on wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt […]


    THIS IS THE SECOND MOST HIGHLY VIEWED ARTICLE AT THE CCB and it has the least amount of comments. Does anyone have any thoughts regarding the future of Frank Shamrock or Cung Le? Do you think they could contend with the likes of the current UFC champions? Do you think a Shamrock vs. Le #2 would have the same outcome? … What do you like out these fighters.. what do you dislike?

    Thanks again for viewing. I’ll keep posting!

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