Tom Green and His Whale Songs

Humback WhaleThis isn’t your typical Taiji post, but I think it’s surely an interesting one.  For a great deal of us, we thirst for the classics,… the newest translation of those ancient teachings from various grey-bearded sages and teachers from the Orient.  Can we not learn and gain insight from observations and the “goings-on” of today? 

As a fan of the peculiar, (yet sometimes “genius”) comedy of Mr. Tom Green, I often stop by his new “humble show” that he broadcasts (by way of internet) from his very own home in California.  He’s off this week, because he’s touring,… but he left us an interesting clip on his blog in which he (attempts) to measure the quiet-tude of the audience for a period of 5 minutes whilst seated and listening to whale music.   It is very interesting to me for several reasons

  • Is it possible for our American/Canadian youths to sit still for 5 minutes and accept SILENCE ?
  • Can the charisma of Tom Green overcome the audience’s urge to “stand out” and be heard?
  • And lastly… might I, as a teacher, learn something from this?

City-by-city, you’ll see in the video… that Tom has trouble getting the audience to stay quiet (in some instances, even his crew).  Tom, who often “thinks outside the box” is undoubtedly just trying something that hasn’t ever been done before… and for some odd reason, I really dug it.  Plus,… to me…. there’s something calming to whale music… and even-more-so, something amazing about getting our “youths of today” to sit quietly for 5 minutes (without drugging them).  Don’t get me wrong, at times… a high level of energy is a wonderful thing.  But the meditating monk inside of me wants to show my generation (and younger) that there is beauty in silence… in looking inward… and just being.





~ by chencenter on April 8, 2008.

5 Responses to “Tom Green and His Whale Songs”

  1. haha, i watched the whole thing, and the whole time i had the urge to tell the smartasses (excuse my french 🙂
    to shutup and chill out and just think and relax for 10 minutes.
    it was like a bunch of 5 year olds!

    it’s sad, because being in highschool, a lot of the kids seem to be totally and completely immature, thinking whatever is “cool” is what you want to become. well honestly, the people who think that they are the most popular people in the world are the ones later on in life that end up being unhappy for a multitude of reasons. they do’nt seem to take the time to think and just be.

    sitting and being quiet and relaxing for 10 minutes and just being, like you said, is sometimes the best thing to do! there is no negative effect of doing that. it isn’t “wasting time”, it isn’t “boring” if the 5 or 10 minutes you spend just being is used to see inside yourself.

  2. i’m glad you’re one of the more mature ones. why must we be “hyperactive” to have fun? …although I’m not the one for sitting quietly in the corner, it’s about experiencing something new and original and Tom’s giving a unique experience by conducting this experiment.

    ALSO… just a question… when did “giving the finger” turn into the new “hey” whenever a young person is placed in front of a video camera?

    Riddle me that one!!!!

  3. haha, well sometimes being hyper is okay, or being a little silly, but then there is a time to listen and respect 🙂

    and haha, i noticed that too! i guess it’s something other kids decided to go along with, thinking it is cool to be a jackass (excuse me, again lol) people will do a lot for attention. it’s sad.

    i actually have never watched tom green before, i like some of his other stuff too, might be watching more! 🙂

    and just a personal opinion, but i think not only the youth of the world have this problem, but even some adults. like with the issue of maturity and respect and patience, i find that in some of my experiences, that sometimes the younger can be more mature than the older, and vice versa. or in some ways be wiser about living, loving, learning, trusting, etc.
    it all depends on the person, not the age, really.

  4. have i mentioned that I really dig your comments?

    back to “the finger”… that is really becoming a pet peeve of mine. I mean, they do it to get noticed.. right? well…if everyone is doing it, then how can you single out any ONE? They might as well stick their pinkie up their nose… then I’d be like “oh man! look at that!”

    and yes, you are completely right as I have seen that time and time again in our less-than-perfect society. At least there are people like us to even the score, eh? Keep living and loving! -Coach

  5. haha that’ll be the new fad.
    pinkie up the nose.

    hahaha, i don’t know if i even the score well.
    maybe slightly.
    but not really.

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