When You’re Happy Dance “The Jig”

Why is it that when I’m ecstatically happy about something I dance the “jig?”  What might you dance a jig about, you might ask?  Well… in midst of a tough business decision, I decided to upgrade my computer (which will not only minimize my task-load… but will create new and creative projects for me).  With the tragedy that befell my external hard-drive (destroying my sole copy of instructional materials)… I can now remake them bigger and better.  If you must ask another question… might I say, “I’m well ahead of you?”…  she’s a big, beautiful iMAC.  [Coach Joyce returns to dancing the jig]


~ by chencenter on April 17, 2008.

9 Responses to “When You’re Happy Dance “The Jig””

  1. YAY!!!!!!!! Another new Mac user!!!! ANYTHING you need, Michael – holler. I am hard-core mac user and have friends who are mac experts – we will help you! No problem!!!! 😀 Welcome!!!!

  2. thank you thank you. It arrives on tuesday. Why FedEx doesn’t deliver on Mondays, is a complete mystery. Can’t wait.

  3. Dont’ get me started on Fed Ex, LOL… They probably use FedEx Home, they deliver Tuesday through Saturday.

  4. PS: Make SURE you get yourself an external Hard Drive so you can make good use of the Time Machine Software!!

  5. Absolutely! One thing at a time. I’m breaking the bank to do this, …and I keep telling people that “all i need is a mac.” but now, really.. that isn’t true.

  6. Well – it makes precious little sense to back up to the same drive that you could potentially have issues with. Right?? Honestly – and I don’t want to jinx you – I have never had a HD problem with one of my macs… Still – the Time Machine works, it is useful to use even without a hd failure. Anyway – I am prattling on and on… holler if you need me!

  7. So… how goes it so far, Michael??

  8. I should be blogging about it… but I promised myself I wouldn’t make too big a deal about it. It’s an interesting experience in deed, and it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen (poised perfectly for my viewing eyes on my clean, almost-wireless desk) [the pc had tons of cords]. Hooking up the internet was a snitch, my email… i’m not so lucky. My service provider and the mac doesnt want to cooperate, but I’m finding alternate means. I’ve already started to use Global Mail Exchange (gmx.com) and it has a wonderful mac-like theme and simplicity about it. Thus, my email address will most likely change. Music and video are evermore rad, and I can completely envision my life getting more and more simple. I’m all smiles.

  9. YAY! 😀 Sorry it took so long for me to check back – I was what you might call “pre-occupied”…

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