Here we are… three days after UFC 83, and might I just say, it was a tremendous show.  George “Rush” St. Pierre completely dismantles Matt Serra. [my heart was in suspended arrest the entire time] because I know Serra can throw bombs and in mixed martial arts… (obviously) anything can happen at any time.

George said directly following his win:

It’s the most beautiful day of my life.  A dream come true.  … A win on my shoulder, but my belly isn’t full.

Coming off a KO from Serra in their last confrontation, GSP had to overcome that memory of defeat and focus on the task of regaining the welterweight title.  After dominating Matt Serra in this match-up, St. Pierre became the youngest guy in UFC history to regain the UFC title [at 26]. 

Why the CCB [ChenCenter Blog] loves GSP [George St. Pierre]:

  • True Martial Artist: George exudes many great qualities, but on the top-of-the-list would be his humbleness and class (which is most stellar).  In an interview (The Hour; watch here) with George regarding the question of “Will you win?”… George said that he would “do his very best” (in which many MMA athletes would take the opportunity to boast and make arrogant predictions.  One of my favorite quotes in this interview is when he is asked, “Are you ever scared going into the ring with those guys?” in which he said… “Of course I’m scared.  Not of the opponent, but scared at not performing the way I should.”
  • Dedication:  In order to excel (especially in MMA), one needs to be well rounded.  The sport of Mixed Martial Arts has many facets: boxing, kickboxing, and grappling (all of which require a great amount of physical conditioning).  George trains with both the Triumph Fight Team and the Canadian National Wrestling Team. 
  • Record: Great champions in sport history go against top competitors during their time.  George’s record stands like this; 16 wins- 2 losses -1 draw.  He has beaten top-notch opponents like: Matt Hughes (twice), Karo Parisyan, Frank Trigg, Josh Koscheck, Sean Sherk and now, Matt Serra.  Legendary fighters (nearly always) have their “mountain to climb”: Mohammad Ali had Frazier, Frazier had Foremen, Roy Jones Jr. had “what’s-his-name. yeah, him”, and now George St. Pierre has… well, maybe we will see.
  • Personality:  Okay, do I really have to mention it?  Wouldn’t it just be senseless typing to attempt to “count the ways.”  Watch the interviews, read his blogs or ask people about him… he’s a swell guy!

Well… now it’s your turn.  With whom would you “count the ways?”

  • Is GSP your favorite fighter?  If so, why?
  • Is GSP pound-for-pound the best UFC welterweight in history?  … or not yet?
  • Who is/are your favorite MMA fighter(s) (and why) ?



~ by chencenter on April 22, 2008.

7 Responses to “CCB Gives LD On GSP”

  1. Best fighter right now is certainly Anderson Silva pound for pound and I have had a picture of him on my wall ever since he knocked out tony fryklund with that elbow in 2006. It has been a reminder for me to train equally hard in muay thai and BJJ and to create my own unique style of fighting and not follow predictable patterns formed while training combinations or BJJ drills. Silva’s style is a representation of how the martial arts should be learned and trained as a science but also executed as an art. A fighter should learn muay thai and BJJ just as everyone else learns it but when it comes to performing in competition the fighter’s style should be his own art, unique to him and unpredictable by others.

  2. Great point Adam. Somehow I knew you’d be the first to jump at a response. 🙂 Anderson Silva is no doubt a dominant and tacticious fighter. He is actually my second or third favorite fighter in the UFC today. Brilliant addition…


  3. It was a good compition. I remember your hand all sweaty due to the antisipation…haha

  4. GSP is by far my favorite fighter in MMA today. His top notch class is something you do not see a lot these days. His conditioning is phenomenal along with his well-rounded skills, which he has shown us time after time he can deliver. GSP is a beast at 170 and I hope he stays there. I saw an article stating he is willing to fight Anderson Silva and I HOPE to God he doesn’t. I don’t think I can watch that one if it happens. My heart could hardly take this last one with Serra. Pound for pound, GSP is the man! For years we have heard that Hughes was it, but GSP proven to us…not any more.

  5. Jennifer- It comes with the territory,… but you know you love it.

    Carol- Thanks for stopping by our humble blog. Hope you come back time and time again. I know from your page that youre a big UFC fan,.. so it may please you to know that I’ll be posting fight reviews and other mma-related blogs on occasion. In regards to the Anderson Silva fight… I think (possibly) if GSP trained for Silva specifically, and came with the same level of intensity and drive as he portrayed in the last Matt Serra fight… we are in for another great fight and another notch on St. Pierre’s belt. Again… welcome to the CCB and we will be looking for your future comments. peace.

  6. hey mike, this is my first response to one of your blogs. i just recently started doing brazilian jiu jitsu, and started watching UFC. GSP is my favorite fighter far and away because of the qualities you mentioned above. He’s humble, he’s extremely talented, he speaks well, and he’s gracious (in both defeat and victory). if you watch the fight he lost to matt serra, he gave serra credit for being the better fighter. and if you watch the fight he won, he asks the audience to applaud him for being a gentleman. it’s a breath of fresh air coming from MMA, where it’s not only commonplace to be a pompous jackass, but it seems to be encouraged. it’s probably the one thing i dislike about the sport, and unfortunately, what i dislike about most people who watch MMA (present company excluded).

    as for the best fighter, i would have to say GSP is the future of the sport. i am a big fan of the way bj penn fights, but i like george’s personality way better. i like penn’s ground game more than anyone else’s though.

  7. Tim- Welcome to the CCB and thanks for the comment. As for starting BJJ and watching UFC… better late than never, bud. 🙂 There are soo many skilled athletes in the UFC, but only a handful with enough class to be a true champion. Rich Franklin is one that I really like, but who might be showing his age. I DO like BJ Penn and is undoubtedly one of the best at lightweight. It was amazing when he went up in all that weight and fought Matt Hughes. There is actually a “home town” guy here named Chris Clodfelter who is a great thai boxer and has tremendous sportsmanship and character. He is fighting at the LJVM Coloseum on May 31st. It’ll be the first actual, MMA event that I’ve attended. sooo needless-to-say, I’m stoked. Come back and comment some more Tim. We love having you on here. peace.

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