Remembering Katiee Blink


I was on a mini-holiday at Sunset Beach last weekend when Miss Katiee Blink passed away. Passed on I should say; dead is too final sounding. So, yes, it was just yesterday night when I buried her outside my place. I’m still feeling somewhat guilty for leaving her on Friday, even though I know there wouldn’t have been much more that I could have done for her.

As I was packing my bags early on Friday morning, and was making sure Katiee had enough food and water and double checked the timers on the heating apparatus (or “apparati”)… I noticed that Katiee’s eyes looked a bit sunken and weak. My mood quickly switched to grave concern when she threw up yesterdays meal. I took a medicine dropper to her mouth and squeezed off a few drops of water into her mouth (to make sure she stayed hydrated).

I got her in late February and lost her just the day before yesterday [May 17th]. She grew quickly, as many of my previous lizards had, but Katiee had an overwhelming sense of independence. She was always about exploring (when she noticed that my watchful eye had wondered), and of trying to climb the sliding door (in what seemed as an attempt to see the bird feeder and the outside-goings-on a bit better). She loved her crickets and dandelions and held a growing disdain for healthy veggies.

The cause is still quite bewildering. The closest thing that I can come up with is that the crickets that I gave her the day before I started off on the trip had something wrong with them. She was probably just too young and small to deal with a stomach bug of that magnitude. Had I been there to nurse her, would have probably just prolonged her pain. At least that is what I’ve been saying to myself. Who knows if that is true.

Usually I don’t remember my dreams, but I woke up Sunday morning remembering. I remembered Katiee as I was cradling her in my left hand. I tried to reposition her in my palm with my right hand and (like she was accustomed to doing) lept from my hand onto my shirt. Katiee was never as “affectionate” as my other lizards. But in this particular instance, she climbed up to the side of my neck and began to affectionately “nuzzle” (as a dog or cat would scrap their head or body against a leg). The dream produced an instant and beaming smile across my face,… and might have been Katiee’s way of saying thank you and goodbye. *tear*

Love you Katiee.


~ by chencenter on May 19, 2008.

4 Responses to “Remembering Katiee Blink”

  1. I am so sorry, Michael. 😦

  2. Michael, I am so sorry…

    Katiee is in a good place though, and i’m 100% sure she is happy that in her lifetime, she had someone as loving as you to take care of her and love her.

    I completely understand how you feel- last year around this time I lost my dog Maddy, who me and Molly had had for around 11 years. It was heartbreaking, and I still miss her. I’m grateful though for all that she had done for me in my lifetime- she was my “protector” and my friend.
    Hey, if you need to talk to anyone, you know i’m here for you always 🙂

  3. Sorry mate,
    such a short and sweet relationship you had.

    Re-read your original post and remember your first encounter and always feel good about the care you gave her. 🙂

  4. Well babe, at least katie is in lizard heaven! Ill miss her too. She was very much so an entertaining lizard ill tell you that! From her flips to her hangings katie has provided lots fun into our lives. I know you love her very much but there wasnt much you could have done. I think it was the cricket’s fault! Even though the world might have doubted it, she loved you too!

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