Mr. Mike’s Neighborhood

(Sigh) I did it again. I decided to act like a complete goofball again and do the famed, 50 FACT, shpeal on YouTube.  Get ready to laugh.  I do all my own singing in this… and be proud, because I only sing for two reasons, to make myself happy whilst along… and to annoy people.  Hopefully it doesn’t annoy you, but if it does, mute the volume for the first 35 seconds.  Alright!  

Now, if you’re a YouTuber, please find us (ChenCenter) on there and subscribe.  Lots of great videos coming very soon.  I’m excited!  I’m about to and plant my roobarb tree!  


~ by chencenter on June 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Mr. Mike’s Neighborhood”

  1. Ok…that was HOT! Always felt a closeness to Mr Rodgers :p

  2. Thanks so much. I’ve gotten quite a bit of feed back on this one. I’m beginning to recognize a pattern. If you act a bit nutty, have a little singing thrown in and make some weird faces (which I am completely capable of doing), you’re golden! Tx for the comment!

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