A Night of Complete Radness!

Forgive my out-dated, teenage lingo… but that is the best way to describe it.  This is something I’m very excited about and must be (at least at one point) experienced by the lot of you.  

A fellow YouTuber friend of mine hosts a LiveCHAT event every so often and speaks to his friends/fans/admirers.  [some of these Youtubers have quite a following] I am not one of those people.  But I AM up to 50 subscriptions on the ChenCenter YouTube page.  YES!  Success!

Let me tell you what it’s all about…

I will be hosting a Live Video forum on Stickam. Our profile is listed below. Please visit the page, add as a friend… and subscribe. I will host these events and answer many of the questions pertaining to the “internal arts”, however, I plan to have guests with other specialties in various other disciplines.

This is a free forum, to seek advice, offer your opinions and questions and spread the love for the martial arts.

I plan on going LIVE for the first time on FRIDAY, JUNE 27 TH (10 PM E.S.T)

Please stop by even if it is just to support me and my little venture. Please don’t diss the first show either. I’m expecting it to be awesome, but as it will be the first show… I’m not expecting a lot of people to tune it. But I am confident it will grow… because it will get bigger and better!!!! No lie.

THE WEBSITE: www(dot)stickam(dot)com/chencenter 
**if you don’t have a stickam profile, please just take a minute to make a screenname and password and add me as a friend & subscribe*** 

You guys are the best!
Coach Michael Joyce


~ by chencenter on June 16, 2008.

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