Women’s Self Defense – Intensive Course


Our Summer class is upon us… and I’m excited to offer this again.  This program is based on the Essential Principles of Women’s Self Defense (as described in Mr. Joyce’s upcoming book, The Golden Thread).  Each class will hone-in on a different topic,… from “our awareness” … to “a new way of moving & reacting” to “winning, once and for all.”

It’s a hard thing for an instructor to accept, and that

“So many people love to learn, but hate to train.”

They enjoy listening to an hour lecture, but dislike taking the time to actually work the techniques that will make one proficient.  PLEASE JOIN US and be one of the ones that actual does.

LOCATION:::: 1850 Polo Rd. (near Wake Forest University).  Winston-Salem, North Carolina

BEGINS::::: JULY 10th. (THURSDAYS) 7pm-8pm

MORE INFO:  www.chencenter.com

CONTACT:  chencenter@triad.rr.com


ADDITIONAL INFO:   This course is for women ages 16 and older.  Women under 18 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian as the topic of rape and rape prevention will be discussed.  The entire course only costs $65 (for 8 weeks/8 lessons).  Students (with valid id) and Senior Citizens are discounted $10.  No class limit.  No need to “register.”  Simply ARRIVE at Polo Park Rec Center before 7pm to properly sign-in.

INSTRUCTOR’S NOTE:  One of the hardest parts of teaching this course is in “getting the word out there.”  Please pass the free, downloadable flyer (located HERE) on to your friends, family and loved ones.  This will be only course offered this Summer and won’t have another until the Fall.

Peace and Love.  Coach Michael Joyce


~ by chencenter on July 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “Women’s Self Defense – Intensive Course”

  1. If you ever have this for like a week straight, let me know. I will do everything in my power to get my butt to NC to take it. I have been BEGGING for a self-defense class at the Karate School where I take TaiChi – but all they offer along those lines is COmbat Hapkido. I want something like a week-end long intensive training sort of thing – like a seminar. 😦

  2. Thank you

  3. I would love to take some classes for self defense and where I live they keep pushing Karate or something to this nature. I just want classes for self defense for me and my kids. By any chance are you having classes near Burlington NC?

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