Olympics. Fencing. Sudden Urges.


Winston Salem Fencing Club Logo

Winston Salem Fencing Club Logo

Having four years of classical fencing tutelage under my belt, and on-and-off 3 years of chinese straightsword and broadsword… AND having watched all 7 hours of Olympic Fencing… I’ve come to the point where I’m soooooo back in the mood to engage in some swordplay.

Therefore, I had an idea to put together a All-Styles Fencing Club where we can meet, exchange ideas and techniques and “test our might” !!!!

And in the spirit of this… and in a creative moment that just re-enforces this whole thing happening…. I made our logo (the pic to the left)! 

And you know me… I’ve put it on shirts, and hoodies and tanktops etc. So,…. if you’re a fan of fencing…. wanna learn how to fence… or would like to practice and/or join our CLUB….. please send me an email.

ALL SHIRTS CAN BE PURCHASED AT:  ******      www.cafepress.com/chencenter   ********


P.S:::  Of course you don’t have to purchase anything to join the club… it just makes you much cooler.


~ by chencenter on August 17, 2008.

9 Responses to “Olympics. Fencing. Sudden Urges.”

  1. I have just started learning the Yang Style Sword Form and am loving it!

  2. that’s terrific. taiji sword forms are just a wonderful addition to anyone’s practice.

  3. Hi! Need help on getting my son into the sport of fencing. We are in Winston-Salem, N.C. and can not get a number or any information any where to get started..Please help. Thank you! Gwen

  4. My oldest daughter just started fencing this year. She loves it. Much like her old man, she is drawn to individual sports vs team sports.

  5. Help!! I am out of Mount Airy and looking for fencing instructors or a facility that will teach my daugther even more than she knows. Where and who should i contact?

  6. Hi, my son has been begging me for years to learn fencing. Can anyone help me find instruction for him? Please help if you can. Thanks, Amanda

  7. Hi, I used to fence in college at App. I’d like to try to get involved again. Do I understand correctly that you have a fencing club in Winston-Salem. If so, what do I need to know about it?

  8. Im looking for fencing club in Winston Salem, called parks and recreation they didnt have any thing, closet place was Greensboro.
    Thx, Eugenia

    • Eugenia.
      Fencing in Winston-Salem is very thin. I’ve been taiji, wushu, and self defense teacher for some time now… and fencing is a sport that I’ve been teaching professionally since 2008. The Fencing Club is a name that I put together for an event that, unfortunately, I’ve only been able to do three times. We will continue to Fence… but the “club” mainly consists of my students and a few others that breeze in and out. Contact me any time and I’ll be happy to discuss private lessons if you are interested. -Coach Michael Joyce

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