Ari Bolden from Submissions 101 : A Testimonial

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for not blogging as often as we’d all like, but you will be pleased to know that I am currently engaged in several projects.  I am simultaneously working on 3 different dvds: the (revised & upgraded) Hunyuan Taijiquan 24-form, The Golden Thread: The Essential DVD, and The Taoist Method: Movement Therapies for Common Problems.  I am also working on two audio cds that will be a wonderful education aid for those wanting to learn more about Fear… of escaping Fear… and of learning the tools needed to protect yourself at ANY moment.  


THE GOLDEN THREAD has been a very welcomed success for me and for reaching those people who (perhaps) are unable to make it to my workshops and classes.  I have had some amazing testimonials written by experts in the field of martial arts, personal self protection, as well as several people whom have authored books themselves.  The latest testimonial was sent in by Mr. Ari Bolden, a jiu-jitsu teacher from Victoria, B.C., but most noted for his overwhelmingly successful YouTube channel, Submissions 101 (with nearly 21,000 subscribers to date).  Ari knows what it takes to be successful in a real-to-life violent situation from the side of the martial arts… and from being a doorman (“bouncer”) for some of this city’s largest club for the past 13 years.  Ari had this to say about The Golden Thread:

I just finished reading Michael’s book and I must say I was pleasantly surprised on the information he provided within its pages.  There are so many self defense books on the market, especially from traditional martial artists, that miss the point on self protection strategies.  They seem to fall into their old and untested ways and give advice based on theory not practice.  Not so with Michael’s book, The Golden Thread.  He hits the nail on the head when it comes to REAL WORLD violence.  He cuts to the chase and offers advice that is sound and logical.  I had to keep reminding myself that this guy was a taijiquan teacher and not a Reality-based-Self-Defense one.  Apparently, he is both!  A simple yet interesting read behind self protection strategies for a troubled world.  Thumbs up from me!

        Ari Bolden. President of Submissions 101. Victoria, B.C., Canada.


Thank you Ari!  

And for all you guys that haven’t picked up the book yet…

You can find it by clicking the link —->  HERE.

Adios.  Till Next Time!     

                 Coach Michael Joyce

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  1. Excellent site, keep up the good work

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