tn-shirtnewlogoccGreetings My ChenCenter Readers,…

Students, Friends and Family.  Since the beginning of the New Year, the idea of a new class t-shirt had been tugging away at my brain.  The perfectionist that I am, I was still wishy-washy about my previous taiji figured drawing and felt that what we need was a “lettered image” that was stylized and represented the nature of what we do.  The design that I came up with is simply 3 C’s, with 2 looped together to represent a “brush-stroke” appearance.  Symbolically the “3 tails” represent the three treasures; Jing (essence), Qi (energy), and Shen (spirit).  This can also be used to represent the taoist notion of Heaven, Earth and Beings; Sun, Moon, and Stars; and Water, Earth & Fire. 

     The calligraphy behind the image is “wu-shu”, which is the correct pronunciation of “martial arts.”  Wushu incorporates both the internal and external forms/styles even though it is most commonly attributed to the acrobatic forms as seen in kung fu action movies.  

For my students, I would love for you to own one of these t-shirts yourself!  For those that like the design and would rather promote the 3 treasures as in the logo, I have a variation in which “ChenCenter” is not written below it.  

Available in Men and Women’s Styles.  SMALL-XXXL.  Several colors to choose from too!


P.S.  Proceeds from the sells of all t-shirts go towards educational and training equipment for my wushu and self defense classes and workshops.  Your patronage is greatly appreciated.


~ by chencenter on February 24, 2009.


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