What I Like About Tai Ji Quan

Master Chungliang Al Huang, is one of my favorite people on Earth.  For years I taught martial arts as a system… and it was only until I was able to relax inside my own body did my form “make shape.”  Taiji isn’t about this [boxing]… it’s about that part of you that lets go and brings a smile to your face.  How did that happen? Was it your body? It was a feeling! A taiji feeling.  Summer is a great time for everyone to take to the outdoors and absorb the abundance of qi.  I hope you guys will take my advice.  Please watch this video (if only to smile)!  Many blessings my friends and students.  Coach…. out!


~ by chencenter on July 23, 2009.

4 Responses to “What I Like About Tai Ji Quan”

  1. Yes Yes Yes, Master Chungliang Al Huang has it right, it is about joy, gratefulness and feeling good in our bodies.
    The Chi is all around us and we can use it to good purpose anytime.
    Loved the posting,
    Thanks Pat

  2. Profound and succinct

  3. I’ve found the irony of studying martial arts (at least IME) is that the training progressively shifts to “non-martial” pursuits. Achieving the higher levels of skill is less about improving technique and more about improving your focus and learning to be in the moment. While I still really enjoy the “martial” training, the mindfulness training has been far more valuable to me.

    Thanks for sharing the vid.

  4. Chugliang’s form was my first introduction to Tai Chi and I fell in love with the “exercise” and the philosohy. Now, 6+ years later I am still learning and expanding my knowledge of something that is so beautiful, relaxing and meditative.

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