KeyChains : Self-Protection “In-Hand” – Modeled after the Mako Shark, the Isurus is not only a handsome keychain, but a practical and highly effective self-defense tool. For the price that many people pay for lunch, you can own your very own Isurus. Made of premium lightweight aluminum, the Isurus is easily concealable, lightweight, and virtually indestructible.

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~ by chencenter on September 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “KeyChains : Self-Protection “In-Hand””

  1. I dunno dude, I’m not sure I buy it. In my opinion your greatest self defense weapon is your body, and there are many very accessible forms of martial arts that provide very simple and effective techniques for street combat. If I’m speaking from a critical perspective then I would say that your product is not even as good as a sturdy pen. In fact a sturdy pen is probably a lot better as you can do so much with one. The real problem with any weapon, other than your own body, in street combat is that anyone can use it. But if you are talking to someone who has never trained in any form of martial arts and has no knowledge of self defense, then there are a number of key rules that would be more than enough in most if not all situations.
    I would be more than happy to keep talking about this but I’m going off topic haha! I only wanted to ask you a question, not write a speech, my bad I hope I havent offended you.
    Anyway, I was just wondering if you had an opinion on stance training. Specifically I’m thinking about Hung Gar, which emphasises a lengthy basic training of holding particular stances for hours on end to strengthen muscles, stretch and create a solid foundation. I’m no pro in any of this, but I’m undecided as to whether this kind of training is worthwhile/efficient and what kind of long term effect it might have on your body, if you’ve got any information/experience/opinion on this I’d love to hear it, thanks for your time 🙂

    • What’s not to “buy”? Obviously it is how you use your body that protects you in a violent encounter. No one would dispute that. Self-defense is clearly a psychological battle… and when a situation gets dicey, you’ve got to (#1) have your wits about you! But, mental game aside… the use of a tool, can be very helpful. I’m not saying that this keychain is better than a pen, or baseball bat or whatever… what I AM saying is that it is the most practical thing you can carry, as a keychain is often “on your person” and you don’t have to go searching for it. Also, this keychain has been design to be highly concealable, and is, in all honesty, a very formidable tool, and nearly impossible for someone to take away.

      I’d say that you should hold this tool in your hand, possibly puncture a few mellons with it, before passing judgement on it’s “effectiveness.” Trust me, I’ve gotten plenty of testimonials for this keychain, and as far as kubotans go… it’s one of the best on the market.

      As for your question. Please follow my other page, The Combative Corner! You’ll enjoy it I think. I’ll do my best to ask my collaborating authors about this. As for a quick answer, deep/lengthy stance training is good when you’re young and if pain does not arise from your practice. All stancework is to build up the muscles, not necessarily to be the absolute ideal structure for combat.

      Long term effects of stance training, if done properly, will give you a solid root and should also give you a strong foundation for movement. However, as we age, our body stiffens and we must be adaptable. I am of the opinion that one should learn to be “adaptable” as early as possible. As a taiji man, I focus on the internal aspects (i.e. breathing, sensitivity, balance, moving from the center) and less on the external (i.e. how long I can hold a posture, how hard I can hit something, etc). All of these things are just strokes to the ego. Build true kungfu! Always!

      Again…. hit us up at

      We’d love to see you there!
      Michael Joyce

      Owner of the ChenCenter
      Designer of the Isurus Self-defense Keychain
      Founder of The Combative Corner

  2. I agree with this blog. carrying weapon is not a good idea in order to protect may create a problems especially when you are in public.

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