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     Meet Jonathon Blink, an inquisitive young dragon of the pogona-persuasion.  If you are reading this page, then most likely it is because (1) you are curious as to the proper care for your baby (hatchling) bearded dragon, or (2) you are looking for a page where you can get some first-hand advice on restoring the health of a dragon that has taken a turn for the worst.

If you are anything like me, you have a parental bond to your pet. Much of your happiness rests on his or her happiness and health, am I right?  This attitude is pretty standard, and in my opinion, key!  If you aren’t interested in the habits, characteristics, and mood of your new pet… you don’t really deserve one.

My Brief Story:  Beginning as a “young pup” I grew up with a fondness for anything living (except maybe bats).  Thinking back, we always had a dog, a cat…but they always felt like a playful sibling to me.  Reptiles on the other hand, where more of a “personal” pet, whereby it was your responsibility to re-create a replica of its natural environment (heat, humidity, wet/dryness,etc).  Reptiles don’t have the freedom that we give other pets, but if we were to put ourselves in their scales…we’d certainly want an owner that is a herpetologically-knowledgeable-landscape -artist, who feeds, waters and cleans in a timely fashion.  And that’s just what I became!  In college, I got a job with Aquamain’s Fish and Reptile World in Greensboro, NC and quickly shot up the ladder to “Reptile & Plant Curator” [a big responsibility, but a labor of love].  For three years, I took care of 100s of snakes, spiders, geckos, and of course…dragons.  It was with the dragons that I found that I had a talent for “reading” them… (don’t know what you wanna call it) …of discovering what they needed to survive.  Back then I might have been called “The Dragon Whisperer” if the book/film had been popular in that time.  The first dragon I owned was the worse of the lot, health-wise.  The owner of store said to me, “This one’s a goner.  If you want to take him home and see what you can do with him, be my guest.”  I’ll spare you the long story, and just say that within a week, Judah Ben Hur made a complete turnaround and lived a full dragon’s life; even becoming a great-grandmother before she died peacefully in 2006.


You’ve just purchased your baby beardie,… so the drive to pet, love, and press the littl’ guy to your cheek must be driving you nuts, eh?  Well, not so fast.  There are a few rules to follow when handling baby beardies.

  1. Don’t use quick, jerky/nervous, movements when picking up your new pet.  They are easily startled and plays heavily on their stress levels.  Be confident and smooth in your approach [this will come with time].  Never pry your beardie off his/her perch.  Coax him/her into your hand if you can, otherwise, pick him up at a more opportune time.
  2. Scoop under their body, supporting their trunk.  Never grab by the tail and avoid “pinning” him/her against the floor.  This should be a “no-brainer?”  Once you have him/her in your hand, the littl’ fella will want to start climbing.  Cup your hands together if you are transporting him somewhere.  You can leave a little “sliver/hole” so that he can breath or poke his head out.
  3. Avoid placing him/her anywhere high up.  Many of these guys think they have wings!  Truth is, they don’t… and they risk internal damage (or worse) if they fall.  Avoid taking them outside (parasites, mites, etc), in public (yes, many people are still frightened of these kinda things) or in colder temperatures (at least for any prolonged length of time).
  4. (*conjecture*) Wait at least 2 hours after your dragon feeds before you handle him/her.  Sufficient time under their heat lamp/lights will ensure proper digestion.  As the dragon grows in age and, more importantly, SIZE, you will be able to handle him/her more and for longer periods of time.  For a baby bearded dragon, from 1-4 months olds, I will only handle for 5-10 minutes at a time, once or twice a day.  I find that this is a healthy dose of “loving interaction”.  Also, avoid handling your dragon too much during the first 2 weeks in order for your new lizard to adequately “climatize” and become comfortable in his/her new home.


Raising a bearded dragon from a baby/hatchling should be attempted only as long as these criteria are met: (1) You are responsible (2) You are caring (3) You are experienced with reptiles OR willing to study the needs, habitat, living conditions, diet & nutrition of these guys (4) Vow to never be neglectful of their needs.


Bearded Dragons are indigenous to the continent of Australia (but are likely “captive bred”) and are from the of the genus Pogona; subfamily Agaminae.  The common species established in U.S. herpetoculture is the Pogona vitticeps, or “central bearded dragon” (see my pictures of “Jonathon”).  It is nearly impossible to tell male from female until approximately a year of age.  There are signs and behaviors to look for… so do the research (it’s still hard to tell for sure).  The mortality rate of baby beardies are high and are not recommended for the beginning reptile owner (however a “Yearling” is well-worth the extra cost if you are want to ensure enjoyment per ease-of-care).  Your baby will grow quickly within the first several months as long as it is supplied with proper lighting (UVA & UVB), heat (cool side of ~80 deg and hotspot of at least 115 deg. AND please purchase a digital thermometer.), and diet (crickets, crickets, crickets! babies need their protein.  Fortify them with Calcium & Vitamin D3 powder).  Do not start you baby lizard in anything smaller than a 15 gallon tank (as he/she will quickly require more room) and nothing over 40 gallons (as too much space is harder to heat, and crickets are harder to find for a baby).  Clean water should be offered via a medicine dropper once every 3 days so the baby is adequately hydrated [babies do not recognized “standing pools” of water].  NEVER USE HOT ROCKS! Undertank heating pads are the only acceptable product, but should be used only to aid in upping the ambient air temperature within the cage; never as a main source of heat.  Bearded dragons receive their warmth from above, and while a warm rock, log, or substrate will help their digestion…they NEED an overhead source of heat [I prefer the ceramic heat emitters. Pricey, but will last you several years].  Once every week or so, offer your dragon finely-sliced snips of calcium-rich veggies like kale and collard greens.  Baby dragons should be fed two-to-three week old crickets (3/8 inch) two to three times a day.  Watch each feeding and be sure to remove the crickets that he/she does not eat.  Young dragons are easily stressed by crickets climbing on them.  Mealworms are a convenient source of food in that they can be preserved for longer periods of time (compared to crickets).  There is a myth that says you must “cut off the mealworm’s head before feeding it to your dragon, lest it gnawls away at your dragons innards).  Not true… however, the tough exoskeleton of the mealworm is quite hard for the baby dragons to digest and are therefore recommended as a “last resort” food source.

-For more info, purchase General Care and Maintenance of Bearded Dragons, by Philippe de Vosjoli and Robert Mailloux-

-Also (NEW) Facebook Group Page :


When something goes wrong (especially in this day-in-age) we rush to find the answers, particularly when it comes to our beloved pets.  One of the main concerns that I have is that most veterinarians have limited experience with lizards (particularly smaller lizards) and can therefore do more harm then good (not to mention cost you a pretty penny).  [note: there ARE plenty of qualified veterinarians; you just need to be positive about their qualifications.  So ASK THEM.  If they have little experience, get them to refer you to someone].  My other concern is that many medicinal agents are capable of worsening the situation.  For example, if you bought your new pet in a pet store there is over a 50% chance that your pet has contacted some kind of internal parasite.  Coccidia, a microscopic parasite, is commonly treated by either Albon, Panacur or Metronidazole.  This liquid, other antibiotics and worming medicines not only treat the problem, but they also destroy a portion of the good bacteria in the dragon’s digestive tract.  I’ve seen dragons rebound from this type of treatment… but remember… baby hatchlings are much more fragile.  The good news is THIS = like the human body, a dragon’s is very hardy, and to an extent, nearly as recopritive (under the right conditions & proper care).  For more on Coccidia (some signs of which are: lethargy, not eating, and/or wet & smelly stools) visit Denise Bushnell’s article at BeardedDragon.Org.

Always feel free to email me any of your Questions & Concerns


CARING FOR YOUR BABY DRAGON – By: Michael Joyce (Status: Coming Soon!)




  1. I love how detailed you gave your advice. I also like how you mixed in a little history of how you ended up a beardie lover. Everyone should do that to build their credibility. I did want to add a few things though. When it comes to telling the beardies gender by “signs,” it can still get tricky. I’ve seen some people misread territorial head-bobbing and call the beardie a male when in fact females can do the same.
    As for the gallon size, I would recommend a 20 instead of a 15 gallon tank for a baby.
    Also, if you want to avoid crix stressing them, you can pull of the crix legs. I do that since they are somewhat annoying, but still alive! You spoke of heat rocks and yes, those are terrible. The basking light should emit heat. I started using the Desert Blend substrate that zilla makes a little while ago and it does conduct heat. I liked that. I thought that was neat since I’ve never tried it before.
    One last thing I wanted to touch on was mealworms. You said mealworms should be a last resort? As in a last resort staple food? I don’t think thats very healthy since worms are to be eaten as treats only. Baby food would be a good substitute for actual food in case of an emergency. Overall good blog though.

    • Timothy-
      Thanks for the comments.
      I’ll rewrite my advise on behaviors- youre right, there is often misunderstood signs between male/female. As for the tank size (I state the minimum). The popular tank and most affordable are made by All-Glass Aquariums. The dimensions are the same between the 15 and 20 gallon, except in height. I prefer the 15 because it is shorter and thus, more heat reaches the dragon. About the mealworms- they keep well in the fridge for rather long periods of time, so the ease of keeping them alive is great.
      However, with BABY beardies (which this site is about) the harder exoskeleton of a mealworm is harder to digest. Small crickets dusted with Vitamin D3/Calcium powder is essential and should be the only stable food source until at least a month or two. Thanks for the comment!

  2. We just got two baby dragons and they are the coolest pet ever.

  3. Hi,
    Do you have a bearded dragon yourself?
    If so, do you know how long they should be in labour for
    when they are laying their eggs? My sister worries alot and wanted me to find out.

    • Kim,
      Yup! Jonathon Blink, my only beardie at the moment is the one pictured on this website. I’ve had over 5 bearded dragons in the past and the one I had during college, Judah…she lived a full life; eventually becoming a great-great grandmother before she passed. She was the only one that I have personal experience breeding.

      ABOUT BREEDING: The time of “egg-carrying” differs. You need to 1) keep the female very well fed (and preferably away from the male since they can continue to copulate- this stress the female). 2) Watch her behavior and outlook. Her belly will become very plump and her tendencies will be to dig! When you notice this, you will possibly want to dump plenty of moist sand in the tank so that she can burrow and deposit. 3) Keep a close watch for the deposit. Usual times are between 1pm and 6pm. As soon as she deposits the eggs, excavate and place the eggs gently in an incubator. (HAVE IT PRE-READY) I used the cheap-but-effective method of incubation described in Philippe de Vosjoli’s book, General Care and Maintenance of Bearded Dragons. Good luck! If you have any other questions, you or your sister may email me at Michael@ChenCenter.Com.

  4. This is wonderful!!! Thanks!!!!

  5. hi,i am going to get a bearded dragon.But i have one question that u did not talk about,i am buying one as a baby.Is there a spacific way you can know that they are healthy,when u look at them??

  6. keep in mind that many of your big pet stores are going to have weak and sickly babies. That’s because of the (usually) inadequate heat, light and feedings (not to mention the transportation and constant handling).

    you want to pick the most “lively” of the bunch. He/she should have open, inquisitive eyes and a roundish belly. that is about all you can do. most pet stores don’t have a long guarantee… so ask about it! Where I bought mine was 3 days… which is far too short. But I bought him anyways. Make sure you are spending enough money to give your baby a good, safe, heated home (complete with a cooler/shaded area). put the lights and heat on timers and feed him/her live pinhead crickets and within 3 or 4 weeks, diced kale and collards. Vitamin D3 and calcium powder are essential.

    let me know if you have any more questions.
    good luck.
    Michael J.

  7. Thanks it was really helpful!


  8. Thanks for the info. I just purchased a baby bearded from breeder and placed him in a 55 gal tank. He usually stays on the same perching/basking areas within the enclosure about 98 on the hot side, 85 on the cooler side with a humidity of around 20%. He has been here for 3 days and hasn’t hardly eaten at all. He has eaten a couple crickets one he caught and one I hand fed him. He doesn’t move around a lot during the day, just lays around but when I walk to his enclosure and talk to him he perks up. I have held him a limited amount of time because I am afraid of stressing him too much, which I believe could be the problem. He has had a couple bms so no problem there. I wondered if when I added new things to his enclosure if it is continuing to stress him out. Not too sure, if I am doing everything right. He does have a UV light (tube type) and at night the temps never drop below 75 on the cool side and 90 on the warmer side. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Hi,
    I just got a baby beardie and was wondering how to bond with him. Also, I was wondering how many crickets to feed him. I don’t know how old he is and he is probably half a foot (including the tail.)


  10. when i get my beardies i wondered what to do with the this has given me exactly what i was looking for

  11. you are the best..{i bow to love cherish and care for my baby} yes i also treat charlie as my own child lol

  12. ok as good as this site was for information i still have a question that i am hopeing someone can answer. We had of all the eggs our beloved dragon layed there was only 1 that even looked well after her laying them. so anyway 2 months later it has hatched it started on sunday finished by monday but now it still doesnt want to eat anything?? we dont have much in the tank and are using papertowel on the ground, has a warm side and cool side and uv light just wondering if it should have started eating already by now? any help would be wonderful dont want the cute little darling to pass away want to help it in anyway i can our baby.

    • When I had my first, second and third hatchlings, I was very fortunate; I was in college and working as a reptile curator for a local pet store. I managed to be home every few hours and when I went to work, I could easily pick up anything the little babies needed. What you have provided is good. Warmth and cleanliness is most essential. I was able to hand feed the my hatchlings pin-head crickets after the first few days. Those that refused to eat, I made sure that they at least were hydrated (i.e. pediolyte, or squash baby food in medicine dropper). Once they start to hunt on their own… you’re in the home stretch.

      I apologize for the lateness of my responses. I plan on taking the information on this post, these comments, and greatly expanding these into a short manual on Bearded Dragon Babies. It will be available from LuLu.Com and will be advertised from this page. Please bookmark it!

      Let me know if you have any further questions.
      -Michael Joyce

  13. hi i have two bearded dragons one called spike and one sahara, sahara is the female, and spike is the boy in breading seision the boy gets more agresive be sartled by so please do not startled by this and he will avetually bite her on the neck and pin her down to get her in position ready to breed. P.S pleased dont get worked up about this. x

  14. I just recently got a bearded dragon this is my first time owning anything like this, I am use to dogs and things like that… I was wondering how long will it take for me not to be scared of it. It is a baby and when I am holding it I am not so much scared it is picking it up that I am scared of. Should I be scared of it? I’m trying to learn as much as I can about them because I think it’s really cool. Someone please help me and give me some kind of advice.

    • Kathryn. It is quite natural to be nervous or afraid. Obviously you don’t feel that the little baby will hurt you in any way… (am I right?). Therefore, your fear is on hurting your pet. The quick and easy answer for me to give to you is this… Your fear will disappear over time (especially when he gets some size to him/her).

      For the moment, as he/she is just a baby…. handle the reptile delicately and practice picking it up with confidence. If it’s on sand, with a sold, non-shaky hand, scope the beardie up from underneath. The most gentle way is to place your hand in front of the beardie and entice (with a cricket… or other food) him/her to jump into your hand willingly. This builds confidence in both you AND your pet… and starts to grow your beardie’s sense of security. With occasional handling, your bearded dragon will begin to see you as a friendly, food-dispenser and will begin to establish trust!

      No fear. Dragons are amazingly sweet, even if they buff and hiss.

  15. Thanks for the advice, it’s really helpful!

  16. thank you so much on all the tips. Is this the only sight you have with tips on bearded dragons? thanks again

  17. I have two baby beardies that we hatched from eggs ! We own the parents and we love them so much !

  18. These animals are cute but never to be under estimated. they might be small as babies but they certainly grow and grow large

  19. We got our first baby beardie 3days ago from a breeder (hes approx. 6-7inches head to end of his tail)…and it ate 3 crickets the first day, one the following day, and today nothing but a piece of chopped romaine lettuce…Im concerned because everything I read has indicated they should be eating alot more. He is active when you hold him, and does move some in his aquarium…but spends the majority of his time on a stick or rock under his light. Its 98-100 on the basking side and 78-80 on the cooler side. I mist him a couple times a day. He has had a BM. He is alert when you talk to him and looks at you and will tilt his head. Im just concerned about his lack of appetite. Is this normal for a couple of days due to now being separated from siblings and being placed in a new environment? Any advice would be great.

    • This is perfectly normal. The “beardie parent” simply needs to be observant and provide the best (and clean) environment they can. The beardie will regulate his eating as he/she sees fit, and will generally not eat when stressed, constipated or if they are having a hard time getting warm. It appears you are doing everything by-the-book. Make sure he/she is having his/her bowel movements on a regular basis. If feel that your beardie needs a little help… you can soak him in a luke-warm bath*. I use a deep cooking dish and fill it just enough to cover his/her body. Once they use the bathroom or 5 minutes is up… whichever comes first… remove the dragon from the water, and place him/her back under the basking light. This is a little stressful on the dragon, but may be needed to get the appetite to return. Let me know if this helped! (Good news: in the next few months… I’ll be finishing a Baby Bearded Dragon Manual. I’ll keep everyone posted)

      • Thank you so much for your advice….our six year old has named “Rango” is doing so well. His appetite seems to have regulated and he is eating his salad and baby crickets well. These are great animals…alot of personality. Thanks again I will be sure to keep up on all questions and replys on this site it has really helped me as a New “beardie parent”

  20. I have been taking care of my son’s 2 adult beardies Spike and Missy Pissypants.. they scared me to death when I first met them,they are fierce looking..but what a couple of marshmallows they turned out to be..what a delightful couple of pets.. they are very sweet, Missy loves to snuggle, and sit on my laptop keyboard,(must be warm), and spike is fabulous at hide and seek LOL.
    We decided to get a couple of babies.The tank is 15 Gal,we use the Zilla reptile sand,a climbing branch, and a small 1/2 log.I am not sure how old they are, but both have been shedding a little.We also have the red night light, a blue daylight, and a UVA light..we have been feeding them crickets, dusted with calcium,a little kale, or spinach, and a tiny bit of fruit, all dusted with calcium powder.I handle them each only 5 min at a time a couple times a day.Escher is a chunky healthy dragon, and Picasso, is smaller and lighter.
    Should I be doing anything different for Picasso, or feed him separatly?I love them alot and want to do the best for them, and see them grow up.Also,at some point can they be safely introduced to Spike and Missy??

    • I would need to see pictures to be sure, but if they’ve been in the same enclosure together and Escher doesn’t impose his/her dominance, then you should be fine. With multiple dragons, just so everyone gets the same amount, it might be best to feed them separately — or feed them in their enclosure by hand! Hold the cricket by lightly squeezing the hind legs and let the beardie build trust with you. The only thing, however, is don’t do this all the time- as they will begin to associate you putting your hand in the tank/cage with FEEDING TIME. As for mixing them with Spike and Missy… only when they are adults (at least a year and a half). Dragons should be sexed first. Males will be extremely territorial and should be kept separate (in my opinion). This final statement is based on the assumption that the bearded dragon enclosure is a tank. If you have a larger “habitat” built, multiple males would be fine. (Again, I will be coming out with a Baby Bearded Dragon Manual in a few months… I’ll keep everyone posted)

  21. Hello i am getting a baby beardie it just hatched two days ago should i wait a week or two before actually buying it? or would i be ok i am a little scare to bring such small baby home. also when do you introduce veggies? thank you .

    • Baby bearded dragons (when they first hatch) are quite fragile creatures and need a lot things to go right in order for them to grow strong & healthy. Since it IS quite an investment up front, to do right for these guys, (1) make sure the person/store you’re buying the beardie from is reliable and takes good care of their dragons (2) revisit the store and keep an eye on how your dragon is doing (if you don’t want to make the “jump” too soon). Personally, if you don’t have experience with beardies, I would wait till they are at least a couple of weeks old. If you DO have experience, sometimes you’d be doing the dragon a HUGE favor by bringing them home and giving them the TLC right away.

      In regard to the veggies. Introduce it to them right away. They will love the pinhead crickets… however, occasionally (once a day) offer them finely diced kale, collard greens or spinach. A lot of their hydration (as a baby) comes from the veggies (no water dish!). Let me know if you have any more questions. All the best and good luck!

  22. Just got a baby beardie. I just had a question about the lighting. I bought one of the Exo terra solar glo bulbs. Its heat, uva and uvb all in one bulb. I just turn it on in the morning when i wake up around 8 and then at night around 10. He gets roughly 12-14 hours of the light which I know is enough but its right in the center of the cage. The guy I bought the dragon from said he’s had a few of them and that this is alright to do. But everything I read is about how they need both a basking area and then the other side for cooling down. Any help suggestions? Its about 95 degrees where he lays directly under it and I swear to you he’s under it like 20 hours of the day.

    • Just like most new pet owners (and many novice owners), we worry when something seems a bit “out of the ordinary.” Fact of the matter is that your dragon is doing a good job of regulating his body temperature himself. If he is not eating finely diced veggies or lapping at any water, make sure he/she is hydrated. Babies can dehydrate quickly. Although the tank is 95 degrees, every area of the tank cannot sustain that temperature. One thing that I most certainly do is to have a piece of driftwood of plastic sculpture “hideaway” in which he/she can escape the heat if need-be. We must always give them a way to shade themselves. However, most likely, you beardie feels like he/she needs the extra warmth. I’d have to see the habitat and watch your dragon with my own eyes to be sure… but I suspect he is healthy and happy. Good luck, and let me know if you need any more advice.

      • Thanks alot man. That takes a lot off my mind. Its really warm directly in the beam and the uv rays are a little wider. But the outer edges are about 80. ( just finished moving the thromometer around. I do have have one of those arching pieces of wood in the back corner out of the light which is where he sleeps at night. He spends the day under the lamp and then when i shut it off at night i always find him under the wood in the morning. Almost like he knows that thats sleeping quarters already. haha. I’m gonna try to use the dropper filled with wwater today to see if I can get him to drink. I think he’s still in that adjusting phase. He ate 2 mealworms to days ago but none when I fed him yesterday. He’s gettin crickets this afternoon.

  23. hi i was wondering if you could help me, ive brought to baby breaded dragons off a bloke and he says there about 2 months old, they both had stumped tails one more than the other, is this normal and if so how long does it take to come out, my partner has expreience with adult breadies but not babies, so just a bit concerned.

    thank you
    vicki frodsham

    • Yes, it is (somewhat) “normal” for bearded dragons, who are caged up together, to have stumped tails. This is just part of territoriality in the reptile kingdom. Unlike the chameleon or some amphibians, the bearded dragon will not regenerate his tail, however. The tails may heal slightly, but they will remain “stumped.” As far as health is concerned, stumped tails or even a loss of digits does not an unhealthy dragon make. Take special care of the dragon’s behavior to one another – separate them during feeding if necessary – or give them separate enclosures. Let me know if you have any other questions. I’ll be happy to answer them.

  24. thank you very much the two we’ve got seem to be very good with each other and brilliant at fed time, thank you, if i have any more questions i will surely ask you.

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  30. Im too much of a wimp to pick up my bearded dragon cause he puts up his spikes and puffs out his beard? any ideas of what i should do?

    • A NEAT TRICK: Use a washcloth or pillowcase (depending on age/size) and cover your reptile’s head. Quickly and confidently place a hand on top and scoop underneath your dragon with the other. Eventually won’t have to use this method, but you have to make a habit of taking him/her out and bond with your pet. (This trick works for snakes as well! Best way to never get bit)

  31. How do u find out if ur bearded dragon is female or a male? Will females lay eggs with out a male?

    • Normally you’ll be able to tell by their facial structure. A male will typically have a thicker, more triangular head, with a sturdy chin… and dark(er) beard. Google images of females vs. male beardies and you’ll quickly learn the difference. Unfortunately you won’t be 100% sure until you get your pet sexed by a qualified herpetologist or vet. This can be done after they’ve reached sexual maturity (> 1 year). Yes, female adult dragons lay eggs but are unfertilized (without the help of a male).

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  33. What does it mean when my bearded dragob bobs his head a whole bunch of times?

    • Bearded Dragons are social creatures. When he bobs his head he’s basically saying several things : “I acknowledge you over there” (they can even “acknowledge their own reflections in the glass)… and/or he is saying “I’m the king of this place.” It’s a dominance thing.

  34. it might be best to feed them separately — or feed them in their enclosure by hand! Hold the cricket by lightly squeezing the hind legs and let the beardie build trust with you.
    label manufacturers

  35. Thank you for posting this very helpful information on your site about bearded dragons. I was sure to bookmark it because it is very helpful. I do have a question for you though. I have a 30 week baby bearded dragon who is unsexed, but the breeders say their is a 90% chance he is a male. I am starting to become concerned because he is not growing at the same rate as the female bearded dragon we have who is the same age. And he also is quite peculiar. Recently he has taken to staring up at the heating lamp or the ceiling when he is taken out of the cage, and I am not sure it is normal behaviour. I have considered the possibility that it was the bulb and switched it for a bulb that is more muted, but he is still looking at the lights. In your experience have you seen this behaviour before, and is it normal?

    • I wouldn’t be concerned at all. Just like humans, we have our “odd few.” Most bearded dragons simply cock their heads to the side. Looking straight up is characteristic of basking behavior. Not to worry at all.

  36. I recently purchased 2 bearded dragons who are 3 months old but still very tiny, one of them started eating the hoppers on the first day when offered but the other one will not touch them.
    Both r not eating now, hoppers and veg r offered daily and clean water, I spray the tank twice a day to keep it hydrated and they still do not seem happy
    Please can anyone give me advice as to where I am going wrong or is it just the settling in period ???

    • Personally, I do not spray the tank. Most of the time, this just stresses them out a bit. How often does it rain in the outback? They should get all they need from their diet. So, first, I would hold back on misting the cage… just keep it clean and feces-free.

      Next, make sure the temperature is conducive to proper feeding. If it is cooler than normal (especially in these chiller months) they will not want to eat. They need to get their body temp. above 100 deg. to properly digest their food. They are smart creatures in that they will cut back or not eat at all if their body temp is low.

      Or… they might be getting lazy. I’ve known some beardies who are accustomed to being hand-fed, and therefore are intimidated when crickets are left “free to roam.” Try smaller, less intimidating crickets or try to hand feed them. As for veggies… keep them moist, dusted with calcium/vit D powder and you’ll be good to go. They’ll get around to eating it (in most cases). Spruce up the selection if they turn their nose up to something. “Oh you don’t like kale?… well what about collared greens?”

  37. Hi i have 2 baby bearded dragons nearlly 3 weeks old< from what age do they star to eat by them selfs………

    • They should start right away. Make sure the “pinhead”/small crickets are the right size [ judge by the distance between the beardie’s eyes ]. Young bearded dragons love hand-feeding though… and it helps stress that loving bond. Your call.

  38. I have a baby bearded dragon (6g). He stopped eating and was lethargic. TOok him to the vet. He was given fluids, Critical Care Food and Albon (just in case). I completed 7 days of Albon and he has been on Critical Care for 16 days. He still has not interest in eating. We have “force fed” him some baby crickets. He is in a 10 gal tank, 15 volt UVB light for 12 hrs. daily, blue basking light daily. I turn all overhead lights off at night. We are misting and currently soaking him 15 min/day for hydration. Any ideas on what we are doing wrong?

    • It seems you are taking very good care of your dragon and doing all that is expected of a loving dragon owner. I sincerely hope that his condition has improved by the time of this response but, if not, there are only a few things that I can recommend – all of which require frequent supervision.

      First off, with all the bearded dragons I’ve cared for over the years, I’ve never had to use vet “care food” (fortunately)… so I don’t know enough about it to say “stick with it, or take him off it.”

      With that being said, I KNOW that dragons don’t need to be soaked (unless they are constipated) and they don’t need to be misted. For added hydration, I’ve always used a pipette or medicine dropper, pressed the squeezer so that only a drop is hanging from the end. I place the drop right on his/her lips with a gentle downward prying of his/her bottom jaw. If the dragon doesn’t start drinking, they are not thirst. I allow them a little control.

      Misting (and I’ll be writing more on this in my book), annoys/frightens, lowers body temperature if done wrong… and just increases humidity in the tank if you’re misting the walls. We must remember that these pets come from dry, arid environments.

      As for eating, as an alternative to forcing crickets, use a medicine dropper filled with baby food (mine love squash flavor) and use the same method as above. This will put something in his belly and add hydration at the same time.

      Finally, make sure (gauge the temp) properly and make sure there is enough heat in the tank and that your dragon can adjust his/her temperature on their own. If they are lethargic/weak and cannot move, place them under the heat with partial shading and WATCH. Monitor and tend to them just as you would your own baby.

      Hope this helps. You may contact me personally if you have any additional questions. Michael@ChenCenter.Com

  39. hiya my bearded dragon is only 2 days old but i cant get him to eat hes had a drink but nothing to eat since he hatched obviously he ate the egg stuff but i really dont no what else to do he is a week early aswell so he is extremly small…… please help

    • There will always be an “adjustment period” following any new experience your bearded dragon comes across. Always have finely diced, and moist bits of collard greens or kale. Occasionally offer your dragon “pinhead” crickets one-at-a-time. If he doesn’t seem interested, you can take a pinhead and try to hand-feed (until they get used to/strong enough to hunt on their own). Hope this helps. Read the entire article and read what others have asked (as most of your questions can and will be answered here). If you have any additional questions, you can always email me directly.

  40. Hi, i have a dragon who is six months who i got of a previous owner this only the second day i have had it and ive not handled it yet due to the agressive behaviour such as opening his mouth wide but it dies want to come out of his viv because he keeps scratching the glass but it feels every time i ho to handle him hes going to attack me any ideas on how to solve this problem and get him to bond with me?

  41. Facebook Symbols
    Hi, i have a dragon who is six months who i got of a previous owner this only the second day i have had it and ive not handled it yet due to the agressive behaviour such as opening his mouth wide but it dies want to come out of his viv because he keeps scratching the glass

  42. Hi, my BD is 6 months and i only got him/her yesturday. He/she has only mobed to eat its hoppers. Other than that, no movement. Should i be worried?

  43. Nice article and some great tips.

    They’re just great when they’re babies!
    I’ve just recently got another youngster and am looking at another one very soon
    Just love the little critters! 🙂

  44. Hey, I just recently bought my bearded dragon (about 4 weeks ago). He’s tiny, but I don’t know his exact age. And about 1 week after i bought him, he started becoming more and more nervous. When I have him on my hand, he’s okay most of the time. (especially when his lights are out, then he just crawls around on my arms and shoulders) But sometimes he starts shaking ( mainly head and legs), even after I put him down. Sometimes he also tries running away when I want to handle him. This might because he has fallen twice, as you said, because he thinks he has wings. It was quite high…
    My second problem is that he refuses to eat vegetables. He likes fruit, such as bananas and eats them SOMETIMES when offered, but most of the time he ignores the healthy stuff and waits for his dose of crickets… He’s also not eating any of the dog-food-like stuff, while everyone says they really love that…
    Please help me. Especially the part about nervousness, I’m quite worried.

  45. I just got a baby bearded dragon about a month ago from a pet store and it died today I could tell it was acting really weird so I am never getting another bearded dragon from a pet store do u have any other suggestions on where I could get another 1 from ?

  46. Hello, I bought my son a bearded dragon about 3 weeks ago for his 11th birthday. Today before he left for school we noticed that “spike” was shaking. His legs mostly, once my son picked him up he stopped but once he was put back down “spike” started to shake again. My son mentioned to me about a bone disorder that he could have. What do we need to do to take care of this so “spike” will be okay??
    Please help!!

  47. hello i have male and female email me for moree more

  48. My young beardie is thriving….eats well, climbs and is active, he is a wonderful pet. I have one question he is 10months old and has shed numerous times…but its in sections his limbs will shed and a few weeks later his tail…and then later still his body.. so his color is never uniform. Is this normal?

  49. Wow I like how specific you are and that you have experience with Dragons. My husband and I just bought our son a beardie last night, when we got it home they said to feed it and it ate 5 or 6 crickets. But I read you said to feed twice a day, so would that be 10-12 crickets a day? Also, it doesnt seem to have much interest in its dry food and veggies and water (but will hunt down those crickets quickly!) Should I worry, or just spray him everyday with some warm water? Maybe set him by his veggies? I dont want to hold him too much since we just got him home yesterday, and the pet store said he was about 2 months old. Is there anyway I can tell how old he/she is?
    The pet store I bought him from uses a breeder to get their dragons, they are a small town petstore and very, very nice. I trust what they say but I just want to ask someone who BRED and LOVES their dragons, not someone who MIGHT be trying to SELL it, you know what I mean?
    One more thing, do you have any recipes of greens, fruit, etc for beardies?
    Hope to hear back from you! Thanks!

  50. Hi, was just wondering if you could help me. I have had a few reptiles of different sorts for the last three years and never had a problem with their health now I have a new beardie who is 4 months old and I feed him the size 3 crickets about six or seven twice a day and he devours them. But since I have had him his eye looks like its bruised and he tends to keep it shut a bit but lately it seems to have cleared up. But i have noticed he is sleeping all the time and when i pick him up he seems stiff and doesn’t wriggle as most would? Any ideas what it could be and what i can do to get him better please its killing me to see him like this i feel useless 😦 please help as soon as you can.

  51. Hi, Iv not got any problem with my Dragons just reading more literature as you do, you learn something new everyday I believe. Just to encourage you I thought I’d let you know I REALLY 100% think your Outlook is exactly same as myself people should not have these lovely animals – babies I call all mine even my BIG snakes are babies if someone cannot be bothered to read up and find out abt them, then they do not deserve no matter how much they paid for them to own them. Then when they get bitten its always the animals fault and never theirs !! They make me soo angry. Iv kept reptiles over 20 yrs but still always learning more all the time. Never know too much I believe. Well done thought I’d encourage you. Kind regards to you & your babies you keep :-))) Bless you

  52. Hi!
    I brought home my baby dragon yesterday and his habitat is all done correctly but he is not moving around very much he seems to be staying in the same spot all the time and with his eyes closed…
    Is this normal or am I doing something wrong


  53. Hi, I actually have a question. I’ve have my beardie for just over five weeks and I give her plenty of love and keep her habitat clean and give her food and all the essentials and MORE, but I feel like she doesn’t like me. Every time I try to take her out to give her loving interaction she runs away and the past few times she’s pooped right on me! What can I do to make her like me a little more?

  54. my year old beardie loves to go outside and eat clover but he ate several honey bees as well, he is fine but I dont want to make this a habit if it will hurt him. could you please let me know if this will hurt him.

  55. hi, we have a bearded dragon and recently noticed it draging its back leg. Unsure to what was wrong we took it to the vets who stated he had broke his leg near the top. The vet stated that they are prone to fractures is this right? The vet bound it very tightly and asked to see him in a week. Things went from bad to worse, it was very difficult to administer the pain releif and the dragon was in severe stress. we contacted the vet by phone as we were concerned it was not interested in eating or anything, it was just lying. the vet stressed that we had to get the pain releif into him even if we had to force it, we managed to give it him and still he persisted in being the same. We yet again contacted the vets voicing our concerns, this time we were advised to remove the binding and this is where it got worse. we put him in a warm bath to try and remove the binding this was exremely tight and was stuck to his skin we managed to remove it from his middle but his legs proved to be more difficult even trying to gently pull it away it resulted in his scales coming off with it. he now has a very sore patch on his broken leg we have put a dressing on it. since takeing the binding off the dragon has resumed his eating. The main problem is the broken leg the vet wants us to return the dragon we are not sure what to do as his skin is very bad and dont know what to do. please could you get back and advise thankyou.

  56. Hi i just bought my little beardie and i noticed he has some red coloration shots, i was just curious if this was normal or it was just because he was excited or scared being transported to his new home? Im just curious 🙂

  57. I have a 1 year old beardie which i got when he was 4 months old and i recently purchased a 5 month old beardie i have an indoor and outdoor tank and i clean their tank once a day i just sift through the sand on a daily basis and i am fairly new to lizards.
    my berdies are so spoiled with love and kindness. they are fed phoenix worms and super worms along with salads and vitamins i give calcium either on the salad or on the worms. phoenix worms are great because they are already high in calcium.
    i have an 80 gallon tank devided in 2 so the beardies are in the same tank just not able to see or get to each other because my 1 year old dragon is 17 and 1/2 inches and my lil one is only 6 inches. I have a wonderful set up i have vet tech experience so i know when something is not right and i have meds., and supplies on hand. so i am thankful i dont need a reptile vet. i do clip their toe nails because they do get sharp but when i do i have to remember that they cant climb as well but they let me clip their toe nails. which is great.
    i handle them everyday and the lil one being held i dont have to be careful they just climb on my hand and up my arm. i let them roam around my house and i put them outside to get actual sun light. these lizards are amazing and wonderful to have as a pet. mine are like dogs they like to go outside they like to sit with me on my shoulders or on the couch. and i have never been bit and they love their baths in the tub i put the big one in the bath tub and the lil one in the sink. i am in love with bearded dragons and i am glad i got dragons over other lizards. am very thankful that there is so much information available about beardies because it helped me to better understand them and there is always more to learn.

  58. i have two baby breaded dragon one is nonactive it sleeps all day it hardly wakes up, i read if i spray it tail with water or tap on the lid of the tank it will wake them up, but mines remain still and sleeping. when i lift it up the legs moves and than it goes back to being still and sleeping. right now i have them under a basking spot lighting 100w and a uvb 2.0 13w and a little bit of water so they can clim in and out the water.

    what can i do to wake it up, and what can i do to get it to eat, and should i change the lighting and what degrees should they be under


  60. Hi I have a question I have a baby beardie bri bri I have had him or her two months now she already did her first shed and yesterday I noticed it started acting dizzy and fell off its little tree I kinda freaked out and watched it for a while and it started walking around flinging its tail around like it was falling over and then just its head was shaking and it started to blug out its eyes the eye popping has stopped but its not eating and still acting dizzy I gave it a warm bath to see if maybe it had blockage and wasn’t going to the bath room rubbed its tummy and soaked it for 20 minutes nothing happened I put it back in its cage and changed the water gave him come crickets and went in to town came back and it was in its water relaxing and I noticed it went to the bathroom in its water so I cleaned its bowl and put it back in its cage and after awhile it got back in the water and has just stayed there I only have her in a five.five gallon tank its only tell tomorrow when I get payed but I don’t think that’s the problem I called around all day and there are no doctors around me that know about reptiles I was feeding it meal worms but I heard they were bad for it so I stopped I need help this little lizzard stole my heart and I don’t want to lose it

  61. I love my baby bearded dragons anything u can tell me is greatly appreciated i had a sick baby given to me but he is doing better now i have total

  62. I have 3 baby beardies in a 55 tank 98 in hot spot will this tank be OK to keep them in forever?

  63. Just like the picture you have on the page, concerning the the black leopard prints on the underneath of the beardie. Thus is what appears on my three month year old, when I open up the viv to hold or touch him. I have had him for 4 days. I believe the set up he has is fine

  64. when a lizard is acting like its dizzy or disoriented it could be from not enough calcium in the diet or the beardie isn’t close enough to the lights called metabolic bone disease. or it could be a neurological problem like from falling and the brain moves around and the damage is irreversible.

  65. the black spots that appear on the underside of beardies is from stress they are called stress marks.

  66. a 55 is a great size for the lifetime of the beardie. i have 2, 75 gallon tanks. 40 is recommended but anything bigger is better.

  67. Pleasee i need help my baby beardie grew a bump on his bak and I’m scared wat it means:'(if there’s anyone. please !

  68. Please i need help wit my baby beardie I’m scared he might die if there’s anyone that kan help me please give me kall my number is 7145742508 pleases give me kall or even a txt i would really appreciate. it idnt want my baby spyro to die on me:'(

    • The only advice I could give to you, being that I just bought my first beardie two days ago, TAKE HIM TO AN EXPERIENCED HERP’ VET ASAP if you haven’t already. I am so sorry this has happened to him and I can’t even imagine what you are going through. I have read something online about that but I can’t remember what it said exactly. Google- “bump on bearded dragons back” and I am sure you will figure out what it is. But like I said before, if you are really that worried, take him to the vet immediately. Hope he is better or gets better soon!! Good Luck!

  69. I actually came here searching for information on my new baby, “Scully”, who I just brought home from “Pet Smart” two days ago. I didn’t realize at the time that they were not the best place at all to purchase things like this but my brother has a beardie and I absolutely loved it and when I saw them, I just had to get one for myself and soon to be 7 yr. old son who has always wanted something cool like his Uncle Bobby’s dragon. I have made sure everything in the tank is what it should be as far as lighting, heat, temperature on both ends, lizard “carpet” for the bedding or whatever, and have seriously spent so much time planning and trying to make everything in his little habitat perfect. He is not acting “normal” to me though. He is about 4.5 inches in length so he must be pretty young. He has hate several crickets in the past couple of days and one mealworm yesterday. Had two bowel movements. I gave him a warm bath. He just wants to lay down flat under his basking rock in the little cave where its shady and just sit there all the time. He was very active in the store, unless she grabbed a different one when I was going to pay for him, so I don’t know what’s wrong or what I need to do different. I just want him more lively and active and to be happy and he doesn’t seem to be at all. Any advice on what could be wrong or what I could do to make it better would be great.

    *100W Intense Basking Spot by EXO TERRA (in Fluker’s mini sun dome)

    *50W Day White Light- only used at times to keep temperature up to at least 95-100 (in a Zilla reflector dome)

    *13W Repti Glo 5.0 UVB Light by EXO TERRA (in a Zilla reflector dome)

    *50W Night Black Heat Light (night time only–last two blew and so last night he was without any heat bulbs but the temperature never dropped below 74).

    *He has a temporary 10 gallon aquarium so that hunting will be easier and it won’t be as intimidating since his tank was half that size at the pet shop. I will be moving him to a 40 gallon once he gets used to it and a little bigger.

    *He has a desert rock for his basking spot that has a cave on the inside to hide in–which he does constantly.. We’ve also put a food and water bowl as well as a decorative skull that he can crawl on and in on his “cool side” of the tank.

    He just seems very unhappy to be here and I don’t blame him, it’s all new! I just want to make sure nothing is wrong or I am doing everything the best way possible. Or is this normal behavior for a baby beardie when first bringing them home?

    –Frustrated and Concerned 😦

  70. i have a dragon and i have had him for a few months now, i used to be able to pick him up and now i cant he freaks out and hisses at me when i go near him what should i do ??

    • ok each time he opens his mouth and hisses place a food object in his mouth either a fruit piece or veg , he should soon start to act normal again 🙂

  71. it rely helps with my inquwary thantk you whoever made this website

  72. Our BD is only a few months old (3 I think,) he has not been eating well at all. He did eat 2 crickets over 4 days ago, and that was the last time I’ve seen him eat. I am concerned that his basking spot may be too cool for him, the digital thermometer only reads 84-85 degrees. I think I need a Ceramic Heat Emitter instead of the White light bulb from the pet store. Also being omnivorous, does he have to be a certain age to introduce him to fruits. like banana, papaya and melon?

    His habitat is a converted 30-gallon fish tank, with screened lid and 2 umbrella lights on it, one the heat source the other a UVA & UVB bulb, the floor is a ceramic tile which I custom cut to fit entire base.

  73. I just wanted to say thank you to the man that put this site together. I just bought my 13 year son (today is his birthday) a baby bearded dragon. I know he is still very young since the baby is only about six inches long. Pet store said he is about 6 weeks old. Just from reading this I have found several things that have helped us. At first the baby would hide now he is running around his 40 gallon tank and my son has been able to pick him up and even got him to go into his hand. This is really good since I just bought the baby this morning.
    Thank you so much for putting this together. I plan on visiting it often.

  74. Have learn a lot

  75. Okay things you should know. I had a 7 week old baby dragon (bought him at a month) and we bonded within the firs few days i.e. go everywhere with me, sleep on my neck, follow me around. However my lil brother squished him…i was torn up but then my mom bought me a new one the same day to make up for my old one. Yes i cleaned everything n bought new carpet. When i bought my first one he picked me, the new one i just picked when i was very upset. Anyways my question is how do i bond with my new lil fella? He sleeps on me but not nearly as close as my old lil guy. I watch videos of other dragons that bonding and it saddens me to know that could have been me and my old lil man.

  76. Hello I just wanted some tips..I just got my baby beardy and he’s about 3 months..he is very very alert and quickly got accustomed to his new home..he seems to love being handled and falls asleep on my chest within seconds..however his tail is nipped at the end …I wanted to know if I should be worried about this..also how many crickets should I feed him and how do I know when to up the quantity …also how important is it to wash hands? Is it common to get salmonella from beardys? Any other tips would help.. Thanks (:

  77. Hi ive got a 10 month old bearded dragon and hes been acting funny lately such as rapidly poping hi beard back and fourth and eating his feices any Idea? Thanks.

  78. My beardy has been acting a little odd lately dosent matter what hes doing if he isnt eating or sleeping he put his head straight up even when hes up against the glass walls im wondering if hes hurt or haveing a growing issue

  79. hi i have a 3 week old bearded dragon that was eatting when i first got it at 1 week old, but now has stopped eating. its only been about 2-3 days but i am worried as the other 2 dragons i have are thriving, they are from the same litter and are in the same tank. the little one that isnt eatting is half the size of its sibblings. i am a little worried about it as it seems lithargic and barly runs around and hardly stands up, it just lays with its head on the bottom of the tank. it occationaly runs around and scratchs on the side of its tank. it doesnt seem interested in the crickets eather. i have the dragon in a different smaller tank at the moment until i can find out what is wrong. my partner and i have dont reaserch about lighting and has set up the tank with the uva and uvb lights and is using paper in the bottom of the tank. i am just confused as to what is wrong as i have 2 others that are doing fantsticly. can you help me please??

  80. just a follow up from my last post; i lost my baby bearded dragon this morning, i think it was too young when i got him/her and the move and tank change was too much for it.. this will be a learning curve for me when purchasing young reptiles in the future.. 🙂 RIP little guy/girl

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  85. We just bought a baby n he’s not eating n not movingaround is there ssomething wrong with him

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  87. i just got a baby red and for some reason the humidity in her tank went up to 49% at night and im concerned that she well get sick how can I keep the humidity down during the night

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  89. hey dude this stuff is amazing but can you tell me how many times i need to feed my dragon if hes about 5-6 inches long

  90. i have a little over a month old baby beardie and she gos crazy when we holdher what should we do??

  91. I was just reading your article and saw the part about ‘smelly stools’ I’ve had my dragon about 6 or so months we’ve had it since it was a hatchling but he/she is doing fantastic eating well and offered a viaritey of green as well as crickets/hornworms/silkworms but has always has very smelly stools, it that always a sign of a paricte or could it be just diet?

  92. Hi there can anyone help I’ve got to beardies I’ve had them from 7 weeks old they are 8 months now in the last 2 weeks zena just keeps sleeping all the time she still eats and poos but not every day I thought Isis was picking on her just recently so I thought she was trying to stay out the way but then I read about brumating but not sure if she old enough for that so I’m a bit worried in case she’s ill grateful for any advice thanks

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  94. Hello i have read all the advice you have given on this website, but the question i wanted to ask was about sexing my baby dragon! What age can a dragon be sexed?

  95. Hey what does it mean when the baby’s slam up against the glass and don’t eat or do. Anything is there anything to worry about

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  97. Hello: I work at a pet store and we have 2 baby beardies waiting to be adopted (we have had several over the years). We are feeding crickets, and misting at least a couple of times a day. They have been healthy, and active up to and including this morning. This afternoon when I looked at them, one is dark in colour, and immobile, lying flat in the corner. I actually thought he/she was dead, so I misted him to check for response. Nothing, but a couple of minutes later when I looked I can see him breathing, but only on one side. I am hesitant to move him, because I don’t know the problem. He is not attentive to us as he usually is, and I see no wounds or bites from his sibling. His bms have been normal. Any guesses or suggestions? Thanks for your help, Sarah

  98. I too love animals! I just recently bought my pet bearded dragon. This is honestly the first online work that I have read about beardies that made me feel “well-informed”. Thank you for this! Great story!

  99. We are a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community.
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  100. I just got two bearded Dragons and it has been only a day since I have had them and one of the two it was very active and ate 3 crickets and now today it is very lethargic and doesn’t seem to want to hold its head up….and the other seems has not eaten anything and is pretty lethargic as well….but it holding it’s head up just fine and has its eyes open….I only have the water dish and the vita sand and the food dish in its tank…..what should I do and should I be worried…..

  101. I left my beardy at my sister’s for a few months when I moved now I have taken him home he will not eat anything it has been nearly a week now and there is no change is there anything I can do

  102. Hi, my brothers bearded dragon is 2-3 months, and we went out for 2 hours and when we came back it was about 10:30 PM the light was turned on, and his eyes were closed, we don’t know if he is breathing and we are really scared, it’s our first time having a bearded dragon, only had dogs. But we got it 2 days ago. Do you think it’s acting like this because it’s in a different place, or are we not feeding him right, we give him at least 10 crickets and he didn’t eat at all today?!? The owner that had him before us gave him 2-3 crickets a day. We aren’t bad people we really think its a cute animal, and we get very sad when something dies, my mom touched him and he didn’t breath but he moved his foot, we are going to check tomorrow morning on him, but I won’t sleep until I find an answer can you please help???

  103. I recently have had egg hatch, and seem to be having problems with the hatchlings looking as though they dry out at night. None have died, but I’ve been getting up every few hours to check on them. I mit them several times a day but at night seems to be worse. Can I turn the red light off at night? My house is typically around 70- 75 at night. Please, help. I have 13 babies now and 3 more in the incubator with heads starting to hatch.

  104. I have a question concerning my beardies. I recently got 2 beardies in the mail from California and I live in Kentucky. 1 of them will eat its crickets but the other one hasn’t ate nothing since I got it. Should I be concerned?

  105. Hey this site is great! I got my bearded in a Tupperware container. Someone came to my door last may. Yep he’s a rescue and he’s awesome! I’ve figured out about him as I go and sites like this. I wouldn’t trade him. Thanks again!

  106. Hi we have 11 baby bearded dragons, is it to early to re home them at 2 weeks old.

  107. Hi we have a 3 or 4 month old bearded dragon. He is on a diet of super worms and veggies. He had an episode a few weeks ago, at least 3, that he inhaled some water while bathing. From what we noticed he didn’t have any effects from inhaling the water. For the past few days (7 or less) he has been making a coughing sound a few minutes before he poops and a few minutes after he poops. At first it was just when we took him out of the tank, but now it’s only when he poops. He poops daily and has started having diarrhea today. He only coughs about a total of four times, twice before and twice after and his beard turns really black. Please help we don’t have the money for a vet.

  108. I just bought a baby beardie, the pet store is out of crickets till Friday so I have meal worms. He doesn’t seem to be eating, I thought it was because he had to poop, and his little belly was full, so I gave him a bath… & he pooped, I tried feeding him again and he just will not go for it.. I have put him in his bowl or worms, I’ve put the worm beside him and I’ve tried to feed him with tongs and he just licks it… I’m a new owner and I am so so worried that something is going wrong with him… His basking side is 100-110 and his cool down side is 80 please help. And he’s always on his heat rock… I put a salad in there for him as well…. I don’t know if he doesn’t know how to hunt yet? I hand fed him yesterday but he caught his few crickets that the pet store had left! What do I do?!

  109. Hey. My daughter let our new baby pygmy bearded dragon leap out of her hand. He fell to the tiles but he looks OK. Might he be OK or could he have done some damage to himself?

  110. How does gallons compare to centimeters with regards to tank size. We have the option of a 60 or 90 cm tank.

  111. I have 7 baby bearded dragons there about a week old and there is one that is so much smaller then the rest and he or she seems to be always sleeping it haven’t ate or drank since its been born what should i do and also i cant seem to get the babys to eat greens but there also a week old so not sure if it takes a while i been reading up one taken care of them but sometimes i cant find what im looking for thank you

  112. Hello do you bath a 2 month old bearded dragon. Do they always rewire hot lamp on top do they need light off at night. I got it at the pet store I didn’t know he was to young they didn’t tell me. I am so nervous I don’t want him to die if I do somthing wrong. I don’t care about the money I really care about him. His name is Clark he is a leather back. If you can please help me. Thank you.

  113. I have a beardie that is about three months old. Is honestly a sweetie, and loves me and my fiance, but I saw a little month old one at the pet store and just had to get it! Total adventurer, and is very small obviously. It’s only a month old… It’s about six inches total. From nose to end of tail…. Our older bearded DOESN’T like the new addition. Poor thing tried to attack the baby! What should I do? Because we like them both!

  114. So i recently just got a baby dragon i believe its a girl but its still to early to tell but i domt know what temperature he cage should be and om not sure of its normal but she loves being under the uv light all day she eats fine but and she stay in the hot side for a little and i noticed some days her stress marks come really bad and other days she’s back down to normal but she sits up on her log all the way at the top close to the opening and thats her favorite spot and when o touch her she feels cold notnot lfreezingfreezing but cold

  115. I just got a baby beardie he was 2 weeks old when I brought him home and did fine but now he’s 1 month old and he sleeps all the time and only eats 1 or 2 crickets a day. I feel like maybe I stressed him out or something. Is he going to die? I mist him since I never see him in his water bowl he doesn’t do much of anything.

    • Dear Jackie
      You shouldn’t worry to much but you should take these precautions
      1)check the temperature it should be 30 degrees celcius on the basking side and 21-25 on the cool side
      2) make sure he is not stressed
      3)if the problems percist contact a vet.


  116. My beardie only wants to sleep on my bed under sheets and not in the tank

  117. Hi my baby beardie… lee-roy…
    Has been going into his hide of a day, he will wake up & bask ontop of the hide for most of the morning, but then after a good feed with crickets, he then goes under into his hide for a little while roughly about half hour to an hour. Then he will start coming out slowly, goes & sits along his log, I then try some more food – crickets, he eats acouple… mabey about 2-3 then straight after he goes back under his hide. I have all the right lightning uvb & heat, always clean the tank, always give him water, & always feeling him calcium powered crickets…. so am I doing anything wrong? Or is it something else? Plz help me I hate seeing my baby ill & not himself…
    I keep my crickets in a tank for themselves & always feed them vegies & water, so I no they are healthy to give to him, I usually catch them with a pair of tweezers then drop them into a jar with calcium powder in it then drop them into his tank (1 at a time), they get abit sqaushed & they tend to ooze some clear liquid type stuff…. I asume thats there blood, but they still make an effort to try & move & run away. but l have noticed with these new crickets I got from pet shop, they ooze orangey-redish type liquid, & these are the ones that seem to upset him… if that helps alittle.
    Cheers…. chooke

  118. When should I be worried about when my bearded dragon needs to go to the bathroom it’s been about 3 days since I brought it home I’m just trying to find out if I just need to put her in warm water

  119. I just got my bearded dragon yesterday and his back is peeling fast, is that bad? Could it be because the lamp is to hot or is it normal for him to peel that fast the first day of bringing him home? I’m concerned on that aspect specifically. Also how long do you leave the heat lamp on?

    • What is your temp at ? It should be 115 on heat side an 85 on cool side . He may have been already going in to shed when you got him make sure he is getting enough water

  120. My baby eat to many mealworms I was not told to not feed them more than 2 well mine eat 4 an now she don’t leave her heat side she is no longer running around her tank don’t want to eat crickets veggies nothing she was swollen for about 4 days until she pooped it all out but she is still not her self

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