“It is clear that Michael Joyce understands the need to look outside of the more traditional box, if we are to gain an insight into what actually works in the street.  This comes first and foremost from the cultivation of “Personal Security” the soft skills that will hopefully allow us to avoid and escape confrontation without entering into the realms of physical counter violence.  This is supported with the need to cultivate a short, sharp, simple physical toolbox backed up with a victory seeking mindset, should escape not be an option.  Michael’s book, The Golden Thread depicts all of this and more and I highly recommend it as an addition to anyone’s library.”

Lee Morrison. Founding Instructor of Urban Combatives.  []


“This book clearly explains how keeping ones focus on self protection rather than uncontrollable anger and fear should lead the way to deal successfully with confrontation.  I have no doubt that if the readers follow the principles outlined by the author and train diligently, they will be better prepared for the challenges they may encounter.”

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming.  Martial Artist & Author. Founder of YMAA [Boston,MA]


“In The Golden Thread: Essential Principles of Self-Defense, Michael Joyce has outlined many of the most important, yet often overlooked principles and processes that make up a violent encounter.  The book is a good starting point for anyone wishing to understand the dynamics of personal violence and the attributes and skills necessary to survive.”

Tim Cartmell.   Author of Effortless Combat Throws.  []


It (The Golden Thread) is a very informative and insightful book and after reading, you’ll be more effective and understanding about violence on the streets.”

Enson “Yamato Damashii” Inoue.  Professional Mixed Martial Artist.


“In my view this book is based in the understanding of true self defense and the power of the mind.  It is clearly laid out for us to understand and anyone from a seasoned martial artist to someone new to the martial arts and self defense can benefit greatly from reading and putting into use the lessons shared with us by Coach Joyce.  I fully endorse this book!”

Robert Lara Sensei.  6th Dan Aikido Master. Four Winds Aikido Dojo-Cho [Topeka, KS]


“A well though out addition to any martial arts collection. ‘5 Rings’ in a modern way. Clear, concise and easy to understand.  Learn these valuable martial principles from up and coming martial author, Michael Joyce!”

Chris Crudelli.  BBC TV Host, Best-Selling Author & Martial Artist. []


“If you want to truly understand self defense you HAVE to read this book. Michael Joyce has done us all a favor and cut back all the junk out there so we can understand what is truly effective in a REAL self defense situation. As a professional fighter and Personal Protection specialist i have found the more simple the move the more effective it is, and that is exactly what Mr. Joyce has done in his book, showing us the simplest way between two points. I truly recommend this book to anyone who really wants to understand the principles of how to defend one’s self in a REAL situation.”

Chris Clodfelter.  2008 Circle of Fury World Welterweight Champion.        [Professional MMA & Muay Thai Fighter]


“I just finished reading Michael’s book and I must say I was pleasantly surprised on the information he provided within its pages.  There are so many self defense books on the market, especially from traditional martial artists, that miss the point on self protection strategies.  They seem to fall into their old and untrusted ways and give  advice based on theory not practice.  Not so with Michael’s book, The Golden Thread.  He hits the nail on the head when it comes to REAL WORLD violence.  He cuts right to the chase and offers advice that is sound and logical.  I had to keep reminding myself that this guy was a taijiquan teacher and not a RBSD (Reality-Based Self Defense) one.  Apparently, he is both!  A simple yet interesting read behind self protection strategies for a troubled world.  Thumbs up from me!

Ari Bolden.  Submissions 101 President.  Victoria, B.C., Canada. Jiu Jitsu Teacher  []


“Michael Joyce’s book reveals the true essentials needed in a real life situation.  Read it, think of it, and apply it in your daily practice and you will be surprised at how much you will gain.”

Master Hai Yang.  Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, & Taijiquan Master.  [] Montreal, Quebec, Canada


“Not a book of techniques, not even a book on martial arts; it goes much deeper than that and is highly refreshing.  This book is applicable to any art, or any course on modern self defense.  You could easily apply this in any training from handgun training to unarmed tactics.  This book is a great beginning for the student.  It immediately sets the stage as to how a person should approach his study of survival or self preservation.  Preparing the mind, the spirit is essential in my opinion and Michael Joyce definitely put into words so much of the philosophy that I do what I can to impart on my own students.  This book will be a new “must read” for all of my students.  I will even go so far as to have it be a required reading for the self defense courses I teach and for students wanting to acquire an advanced ranking in the arts that I teach.”

Gary Boaz.  Yondan in Aikido. Founder of Independent Aikido Alliance.  [Kansas City,MO]


“The Golden Thread is interesting, straight to the point, and encouraging.  Mr. Joyce’s understanding of both the external and the internal is very accurate and deals with the nature of human behavior.  The chapter “No Fear” really hit home as it goes into detail about the naturalness of being afraid, but keeping the emotions under control.”

Andrew Williams.  Director of the Indie Film “Gentleness.” Taiji/Qigong Teacher  [Columbia, South Carolina]


“Michael Joyce’s book really raised my awareness on self-defense.  He is extremely knowledgeable in martial arts and an expert in his field.  This book is a great read.”

Steve G. Jones, M.ED.  Clinical Hypnotherapist  [].   Appearing in his own show on TruTV (formally CourtTV)


“…This book does not illustrate canned responses and techniques. Rather, it provides an easy-to-read and down-to-earth overview of the fundamental concepts of self defense and self defense training (read full review)”

Johnny Kuo. Tai Chi & I-Liq Chuan Instructor. [InternalArts.Com]



Since I began teaching professionally, I’ve gotten a great deal of personal fulfillment from instructing self-defense (defense for women, in particular).  Empowering women to “fight back” and to never end up as “a statistic” has always been a huge motivational factor for me.  From all the seminars, classes and books that I’ve read in the past…. many are outdated, others don’t paint realistic scenarios, and the others are just plain “lacking.”  Therefore, I’ve taken it upon myself to write a self-defense book, not just for my students, but for anyone that wants a short, instructional manual of “what works”,  complete with detailed scenarios, and (what many other books seem to leave out) additional reading references.  A book like this is not put out to sell copies; it’s to get into the hands of serious men and women whose goal is to learn a handful of proven techniques that will stand the test of time and to give them an outlet to learn more (if they so desire),… so that they become the most complete and confident person they can be.

Michael Joyce.  Author of The Golden Thread.  Founder of ChenCenter

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  1. I cant wait till you finish it! Im going to be the first to read one once i get one in my hands!

  2. How does one go about PRE-ORDERING said publication?

  3. Ah. a good question. It’s rather simple… and I’ll add it to the page now… You can get on the pre-order list by simply “making your interest known.” As books go… this one may be delayed somewhat. But I’ll keep all those who comment/email/or call informed of said publications status. Yes! I now (with you reading it) have instantly gone “international.” I’m stoked. 🙂

  4. Michael, as your cousin, I believe I’m required by some law somewhere to purchase a copy of your upcoming book. Congratulations on this undertaking!

    Let me know when it’s done.

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  6. David: Didn’t want to say anything, because I knew my dad wanted to give you and your family one for xmas. Hope you are enjoying it!

    Roliadala: Will do! Peace & love.

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