There is no doubt that we can make significant gains in our health and well-being if we only take those first steps, build a habit of healthy living and help to enrich the lives of those around us.  One way we can do this is to examine closely the lives of those unique individuals that have succeeded.  Jack Lalanne (known as the “King of Fitness”) is one such person, the chinese master (myth or legend?) Li Ching-Yuen, is another.  Other examples are are people like Lu Zijian (114 years old), Taiji master Wu Tu-Nan (105 years old) and Tie Lao (95 years old), both of whom are Baquazhang masters emphasizing steady qigong practice.

This quote, I particularly like.  When asked for the secret of long life… Li Ching-Yuen gave it readily:

Keep a quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly like a pigeon and sleep like a dog.

  • The Master’s Secrets:   Movement,.. any movement.  And lots of it.
  • The Master’s Secrets:   Re-Learning to Breathe
  • The Master’s Secrets:   The Taoist Diet
  • The Master’s Secrets:   Longevity Herbs
  • The Master’s Secrets:   Adopting the Zen Mindset
  • The Master’s Secrets:   Qi,… It’s Where the Power Is.
  • and several more (all coming soon).

Disclaimer:  Although all the above articles will help you to live longer, many of you guys will not “make it.”  Sorry if that was hurtful.  Remember that the joy is in the journey… try not to make that goal of 110 or the magic, “triple 1 (111)” be the absolute goal.  I, Michael Joyce, do not claim to have all the answers, nor am I saying that all the wisdom within these articles are mine.  From an early age I decided that it is best to be a student and remain a student.  But along the road, I did learn that you can greatly enhance your life by adopting plans that have worked by others.  What you read… understand that there is always more (soo much more) and that these articles are riddled with my personal (yet honest and professional) opinion regarding health and wellness.  Please use what works best for you and be prepared… to Live.  (ok. that was cheesey).  😛

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